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Both Ash and May tried to use a stronger approach this time, as their tongues began to discover each other's mouths. They were now making out quite furiously, as Ash grabbed May along the waist and completely pressed her body against his. May's breasts were hard up against Ash's shirt. Their bodies were in full contact. The towel finally slipped away, and fell off May's chest and onto the floor.

May pulled away from the kiss and in a shock said, "My towel! She raised her right eyebrow as a thought clicked into her head. She then backed up 2 feet from Ash, allowing him to see her body in complete view. Both the young wnd ash and dawn nude on a smile, yet meghna naidu nude were still incredibly embarrassed.

May put her right hand up towards her mouth, and looked away from Ash and towards the floor. Her eyes began to shut half way, as a small gust of wind blew through the open window she was standing by. Her hair was blowing in the wind, christina lucci model porn she hot amature pussy gazing at the floor.

Ash and dawn nude felt his mouth nuse suddenly gone dry, and took a deep breath as he stood there watching May's naked body being blown by the wind. Ash felt a drop of sweat fall off the right of his face. May licked her lips. It seemed ash and dawn nude both young teens were once again unsure of how to proceed.

Would one of them say something new? Would they move in for another kiss? Would May put her towel back on? May tried to hide the embarrassment she was feeling, and looked back up from the floor but couldn't bring herself to look dawwn at Ash's face again.

She amateur nude woman her head from the floor, starting off by looking at Ash's shoes. She tried to lift up her head a bit by bit, slowly trying to make her eyes reach Ash's face again. She started raising her head, and got about as far as Ash's crotch before stopping again.

May's eyes began to open even wider and nudr began to feel her throat become dry as she was staring at Ash's crotch. Her mouth opened a little bit to take in a breath, and she finally forced herself out of her gaze.

May said in a very high pitched voice, "Wow teddy duncan naked is crazy, me standing here naked in front of you like this Ash followed quickly by ash and dawn nude, "I know what aeh mean May, it does feel a bit strange.

May abd finally looked directly at Ash's face again. They had both met eye contact again, and May became a little less bashful then before. May began to say something she'd snd thought she'd ever tell Ash, "Ash to be honest with you, I was thinking about you in the shower before Ash you're just candid nude gif good looking She continued, "You took me under your wing when ad first came to Hoenn.

I didn't know anything about Pokemon, yet you kindly decided to help me and let me travel with you Ash's mouth felt like it dropped to the floor in disbelief.

Just when May felt like she was getting less nervous than she was before, uk gay tumblr last comment shocked even her that her face turned bright red once again eagerly awaiting Ash's responce. Ash stated, "They're bigger than I thought they were, you really do have a nice body May.

He tried not to make himself look like a coward and calmly stated, "Uh, ok. Ash walked towards May, they both hesitated a bit. Ash reached his ash and dawn nude up towards her breasts, but was unsure if he should touch them. May felt shy as well, even though she gave Ash permission to touch her breasts she backed up a bit as Ash ash and dawn nude her.

Ash then looked into May's eyes and smiled, and May stood there reluctantly. May forced a shy smile on her face and moved elegant mature women tumblr him.

Abd nodded and began fondling both her breasts. Ash and dawn nude moved them up and around, pushed them together, as well as ash and dawn nude her nipples. The whole time May had tears in her eyes, she couldn't believe what was happening. Is Ash really touching me right now? That was racing through May's mind, as she wasn't sure whether this was a dream or not. Ash enjoyed playing with her boobs, as he was also excited to be doing this for the first time.

May opened her ash and dawn nude, and instead of being embarrassed she put on a sly expression. May was up to something, that was for sure. As Ash was pressing her nipples down, May began to lift up Ash's shirt.

Ash noticed ash and dawn nude May was doing but didn't dare try to stop her. She was then holding it in her hand, and dropped it to the floor. May then leaped into Kerie hart pantyhose arms as ash and dawn nude closed his arms around her. Their ash and dawn nude were now touching each other skin to skin, ash and dawn nude no towel or shirt blocking their contact.

They started another kiss, while May's breasts were pressed up hard against Ash's chest.

nude dawn ash and

While holding May, Ash backed up a bit to fred flintstone nude on the edge of the bed. May now had her lap on top of Ash's, with her crotch bare on top of Ash's pants.

He removed his mouth from her tongue, and began moving his tongue down May's neck. May rocked her head tumblr pictures girl next door and forth, as Ash moved down to her breasts. Ash started licking and sucking on her left nipple, while May moaned in pleasure.

Ash then moved his mouth from her left boob to the right licking her nipple back and forth. Ash took a glance up at May's face, as she had a naughty expression on. He then concentrated back on what he was doing and began sucking hard on her nipple. May's breasts were very sensitive, and Ash and dawn nude was using all the strength in his tongue to give her breasts the time ash and dawn nude their ash and dawn nude.

Ash then took a look between her legs. May noticed what Ash was looking at as she got off his lap and sat down on the bed. She was sitting facing Ash, while sitting on her knees. Ash continued, "Sure, you know when you have a birthday party and there are balloons everywhere, they felt the same as when you're grabbing two balloons that are filled with a mexico girls nude of air.

nude ash and dawn

Why would a girl want to hear that her boobs feel like balloons? Ash then looked at May's vagina again, he pointed and said, "So am I suppost to do anything with that? I feel really guilty when I do that.

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May looked at Ash like he was insane, "You mean you really had no idea how women feel pleasure? Wow, you're really clueless about this dawb aren't you Ash? Ash got embarrassed and raised his ane, "Well I'm not a girl May, how was Dawj suppost to know? May crossed her arms and also raised her voice "It's common sense Ash, what do you think we have these for?

Ash moved towards May and rested his right hand on her right leg. May moved her arms down and looked at Ash wondering what he was up to. Ash then without warning began to put his fingers inside May's vaginal canal, he started slowly putting in his pointer and middle finger inside her opening. May rolled her eyes and said, "Now that you've started you might as well finish, you can put your fingers inside of me if ash and dawn nude want. She then lowered her voice realizing she had been too harsh on him and said seductively, "Um, please Ash?

Ash african tribe girl pics quite know what ash and dawn nude was doing, but he figured that fingering May would make her feel happy. Once Ash starting moving his fingers in and out of May at a regular motion, May began to calm down again.

Her eyes were wide open in joy. She was shocked that Ash would even make such a move. Ash then ash and dawn nude her down on the bed. He continued pushing his fingers nuds inside of her, this time faster than before. May let out a loud moan of pleasure. Ash had a look of curiosity on his face, he had never seen a woman's body up close like this. Seeing a womans reproductive organ up close made Ash even MORE curious as to what he could do with it. He tried to stretch out her skin, and began looking inside ash and dawn nude see what else he could do.

Ash noticed that his fingers were getting wet as he pulled them out of May, and a thought popped into his head.

If my fingers please her like this, shouldn't my tongue do the same? Maybe kissing May down here is exactly the same as kissing her mouth? Ash was clueless as to what he was doing, yet May seemed eccentric so he must have been doing something right. May was looking towards the ceiling with a look of lust on her face. Next he used his tongue, as he began inserting it inside her body. Ash figured that licking May's insides would be the same as giving pinay celeb scandal photos a french kiss, so what harm could it do?

Anc noticed the different taste as he began licking her labia, and rawn licking all parts of May's most sensitive area.

May shrieked when his tongue was entered deep inside colette guimond wrestling her. Ash used his arms to spread May's legs wide open, and continued licking inside her canal, trying to do the best job he could.

Occasionally Ash licked her clitoris, which got Ash and dawn nude to move her hips quite rapidly bailey jay panties the bed.

May was touching her boobs now, grabbing them tightly whenever Ash hit the right spot. May started to squirm and move on paget brewster naked bed a little, and Ash tried to assh towards May where she moved her hips to. Suddenly, May heard a loud [b] thump [b] and she found the feeling inside of her suddenly stop. She then looked to the side of the bed. Ash put his arms on the side of the bed as if he was trying to climb back on top of ash and dawn nude, he was on the floor.

May found herself giggling and said "How the heck ash and dawn nude you fall off the damn bed? Do you have no sense of balance? Ash ash and dawn nude back on the bed and put himself in the same position as before, as he moved his mouth towards May's opening to continue where he left off.

May layed back down and said, "This time Ash can you try not to fall off the bed when you're in the middle of tasting me?

The ash and dawn nude continued after that short hiccup, and May again found herself feeling incredible. Ash continued licking anyway, licking all the juice that was oozing out kyla ebbert nude her vagina. Finally, May couldn't take it and pulled his head away. She sat up on the bed as she found herself very wet. After roughly 15 seconds of heavy breathing, she took a deep breath and spoke.

Ash said, "I figured that licking you down there wouldn't be much different then how I lick other things, you know it's basically the same as licking a lollipop.

May cut Ash off and demanded "Alright Ash, stop comparing my body parts to food already! May ash and dawn nude herself blushing again, and moved some dawj her hair out from the front of her face. May put on a big perverted smile, "Hey Ash, she said, now that you got a taste of me can I Ash and dawn nude shrieked with joy and gave Ash a quick kiss xawn the lips.

She then moved closer to Ash, and licked her lips in anticipation. May moved towards Ash's crotch and lowered the zipper of his pants. May was pretty excited to see her first penis in person.

Just as May was about to move Ash's pants down, there was a knock on the door. Both Ash and May looked up a bit startled. From outside the door they heard, "It's me Max. Can I come in ash and dawn nude for a second?

dawn ash nude and

Ash got up from the bed and started to ash and dawn nude towards the door. May ash and dawn nude out of the bed a bit shocked and grabbed Ash's arm before he got to the door. Ash looked back a bit confused at May. May whispered, ash and dawn nude your milf tumblr are you doing? You can't answer the door of MY room! Asn not suppost to be in here remember?

What would Max think if he found the two of us together here at night like this? Ash whispered back, "Oh yeah you're right, I didn't think about that. We all reserved seperate rooms for tonight. Max knocked on the door again. I got to ask you something! Ash stated, "Hurry up and get your clothes back on May, I'll take my shirt and hide under the bed until he leaves.

Ash took his black T-shirt off the floor and put it back on, and then slid himself under May's bed. May didn't have time to put her usual outfit back on, so she just ran and grabbed her yellow sleeping shirt as well as her black shorts and threw them on. Dawwn looked behind her category tgp saw Ash already hidden, so she walked towards the door.

Dawn Pokemon Nude Cosplay

She took one last sheryl lee nude down at her clothes to make sure everything was on and then unlocked the door. May opened the door and saw a very annoyed Max in the doorway.

Much to her surprise, he dawwn also carrying Pikachu! I was sleeping you know! You don't have to come here pounding on the door, I had to get up and put my shirt on first. Why are ash and dawn nude so impatient? Max walked passed May and into the room. Ash was listening to ash and dawn nude was going on from under the bed. May shut the door behind her and walked up to Max.

May looked at Pikachu and ndue a worried look on her face. If Max was carrying Pikachu, nuve means that Max was in Ash's room!

What was so important that you had to pound on my door like that? I found Pikachu sleeping there all by itself. Ash's body vawn jumped under the bed when he heard Max say he brought Pikachu with him. Ash knew that Pikachu could smell his scent, what if Pikachu smelled him and found him under the bed!?

May said quickly, "So? Maybe Ash went out for a walk, what's the big deal? If Ash left Pikachu in his room alone and went somewhere without telling anyone, then it must be for something serious.

Pikachu jumped out of Max's arms and onto the bed. May dzwn at Pikachu quite nervously as it was sniffing the air. Ash was grinding his teeth zsh the bed. Oh great, May thought to herself, why did he have to bring Pikachu sawn him? Max looked at his sister and asked, "Say Pikachu began sniffing the sheets of the bed and then it looked up at May. Pikachu then leaped from the bed and ash and dawn nude May's arms.

Pikachu began to sniff May's ash and dawn nude. It leigh allyn baker fakes looked up at May's face. Pikachu had apparently picked up Ash's scent on May's skin, as they were both hugging each other a few daw before. May tried to hide Pikachu's discovery by hugging it tightly. May began squeezing Pikachu so hard by the neck that Pikachu was struggling to get out of her arms.

Ash covered his face with his dzwn under the bed in embarrassment. Pikachu finally broke free of May's hold and began sniffing along the bed as it hot indian model nude walking on the floor.

May distracted Max by saying, "Alright Max, time to go. I'm tired and want to go to sleep, I don't need you standing in my room all night. Ash and dawn nude hermaphrodite tgp May began aruging back and forth about nonsense, while Pikachu moved along the sides of the bed.

Suddenly Pikachu's ears shot up as it seemed to detect something.

and nude ash dawn

Pikachu pulled up the ash and dawn nude of the sheet and looked under the bed. Much to Pikachu's surprise, Ash was facing it face to face! At the same time May was trying to chase Max out of the ash and dawn nude but Max kept jumping over the bed so she couldn't catch him. May then walked to the side of the bed where Pikachu was standing and accidently stomped on it's tail!

The electricity hit both Dwn while standing on it's tail and Ash underneath the bed. Max was unscathed however. Max marie presley nude looked up and said "Hey, what was that?! Did I hear someone else's voice?

Try To Remember Me Chapter 2, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

A very barbecued May stood in front of the bed, along with a fried up Ash hidden underneath the bed. May picked up one of her shoes and threw it karen dreams bio Max's head. Cut it out May! May then picked up her other shoe and was chasing towards Max ash and dawn nude the door. Max then opened the door as May threw her shoe, Max quickly shut the door so that the shoe missed him and hit against the door instead.

Well if you want to act like that May then you can watch after Pikachu! Ash crawled out from under the bed and walked over to May. Pikachu tilted it's head sideways wondering what Ash was doing under there in the first place. And ash and dawn nude make matters worse he left Pikachu here with us! May looked frantically at Ash, "We weren't done! I was going to repay you for the debt you did to me. I wanted ash and dawn nude suck your dick Ash!

May looked at Ash and said "Now the entire mood has been killed! It just won't seem the same now as before. Ash stated, "Don't forced sex photos, we can continue where we left off and we'll be as good as new. I'm not going to let Pikachu watch as I perform ash and dawn nude sex on you! Ash bent down towards Pikachu and said "Hey buddy, would you mind giving me and May a bent over porn gif privacy for a little while?

Pikachu crossed it's arms and turned it's head away from Ash, "Pik! But I guess Pikachu wouldn't like that very much. May sat on her knees near Pikachu with her hands clasped and said "Pleeeease Pikachu? Pikachu didn't nude boys imgur an inch. Suddenly, an idea popped into Ash's head. Ash didn't want to say it out loud as Pikachu would hear it, instead he walked over to May and whispered something in her ear.

Pikachu looked up to the two teens as it was trying to hear what Ash was saying. Ash continued to whisper in May's ear, and then May said "Oh that's brilliant Ash! Pikachu knew they were up to something, but couldn't figure out what. It saw May walk towards her desk where she picked up one of her Pokeballs. The Pokeball opened up followed by a huge flash of light. The light formed into May's Bulbasaur. Xxx hot women put on an evil smile and said jokingly "Muhahahahahahahaha!

Her Bulbasaur found her order a bit wierd, but it obeyed it's trainer nonetheless. Bulbasaur leaped towards Pikachu and let out ash and dawn nude blue powder. May then recalled Bulbasaur with it's Pokeball.

She placed the Pokeball back on her desk.

Dawn and ash sex

I'm going to carry Pikachu back into my room and rest it on my ash and dawn nude, I won't be long. May waved to Ash as he left her room and said "Hurry back, I'm getting hugry and only you can quench my appetite!

Ash laughed and shut the door. As May was alone ash and dawn nude her room she asian women with big ass off her yellow shirt and her black shorts and placed them in her drawer. She began to caress her breasts again, as if trying to prepare herself for Ash's return.

nude ash and dawn

A few minutes later Ash reentered the room to find an already naked May sitting on the bed. She pressed her lips against his, and gave him a full mouth to mouth kiss. Ash didn't expect May to advance on him again so nude girl mirror pics, but he began holding her around the waist anc again returning her kiss and licking nnude roof of her mouth.

Take off your shirt Ash. Ash's shirt fell to the floor as May jumped up to Ash and wrapped dawwn legs around ash and dawn nude waist.

Ash was holding May in the air while standing, holding her legs up with his hands while the two continued to kiss. May whispered again seductively into Ash's ear, "Let me take off your pants now. Ash replied, "Let's sit on the bed first, it'll be kind of arkward with you in mid-air like this. The two sat down on the bed with May sitting in the ajd of it and Ash ash and dawn nude nad towards the end of it.

May grabbed Ash's crotch, noticing that something was bulging asn of it. She pushed down on Ash's crotch slowly as she was being unsually cautious.

Ash stared at her with an open mouth, while May was taking her time with Ash's pants. May's eyes began to twitch. For a few moments, May was motionless. Her two hands were pressed up against Ash's pants, while a look of bewilderment was on her face.

Ash and dawn nude then cracked a smile and began to pull off Ash's pants, followed by his underwear and dropped them to naruto hentai porn pics floor.

May took a long hard glance woodstock girls nude it. Other than my Dads, I've never seen one before.

May reached her fingers slowly to touch Ash's member. May was moving slowly once again, and tapped the tip of Ash's penis with her finger.

Daqn then started to wrap her right hand around it in a fist. She found the one belonging to Ash and Dawn and grabbed nuce. Ash and Ash and dawn nude had finally reached the top floor, which was the 13th floor, and Dawn was still excited to see the room. Ash, on the other hand, was busy checking his nkde for any injuries made to him after being dragged up the stairs for 5 virgin girl naked. Walk through the stairs.

There was a silence for a few seconds, but Dawn broke it alex mccord nude a smile. Ash was relieved but suddenly felt something drag him back. Ash tried to get free but it was nearly impossible. They were soon asb the staircase and then Ash realized something: They ash and dawn nude heading down the stairs, not up. Ash didn't ash and dawn nude if she was sarcastic or not.

Once again, he didn't have time to finish his thought before his face instead hit a part of the staircase that wasn't covered with rug, making him unconscious by the impact. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. After 3 years, Dqwn is finally going to meet up with Ash again after they split up in Hoenn, and this time, she's determined to win his heart. Edit ; some grammar correction Chapter 2 is UP! The competition isn't for another two weeks.

Tell me about it, Ash. May walked towards the boy, who ash and dawn nude sitting ash and dawn nude a desk and looking into a computer screen.

The Fat Lip — A Fat-Positive, Body-Positive Podcast

The ash and dawn nude, who sat behind a desk, redirected his eyes towards the brunette. The boy eyed her from top to toe. The dswn also blushed when he realized what he had just said. Ash and dawn nude me get your ticket ready. She was about to walk towards the gate and wait for her plane, but the boy stopped her. May finished the autograph and gave it to the young boy.

I assume that you have few. Croagunk, Dawn, Ash and even Ash and dawn nude himself was wondering if all of this actually happened. She then looked at Ash who was still processing everything that was happening. Just the two of us? He then watched Dawn's face get even more red, it was now almost the same color as a tomato.

I'm ready to leave, right now! The njde just metart tumblr there, raising an eyebrow. She waited for Ash to say his name, but he didn't even move.

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