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If someone found a way to do this to hatsune miku and not mess up the art. Kaguya nude Flag for deletion.

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Please don't double post. She's not from an kaguya nude. She's from a bullet-hell game. Although, technically, there is Touhou anime out there. Natsuhi kaguya nude his lead, grabbing chopsticks and swirling kaguya nude noodles teasingly around Hokuto's other nipple. The waitress groaned and bucked her hips, splashing a bit of broth on the table. Mizura kissed and licked Natsuhi's breasts, servicing the hoshikage as she ate.

Sumaru similarly deepthroated Naruto's throbbing erection, sucking on his cock like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Hokuto was well aware of how fitting this was as she rolled over in the bowl, lifting her ass up out of the broth, Naruto casually plucking off whatever cuts and noodles had gotten stuck to her bum. She whimpered and came a tiny bit every time kaguya nude chopsticks pinched her buttocks.

Her pussy ached and itched, silently begging to be filled up. Mizura nibbled lewdly at Natsuhi's breasts, and Sumaru kaguya nude swallowed another mouthful of Naruto's semen. While absentmindedly watching some of the original Naruto series's filler hell on DVD the other day, my attention was caught by the introduction of kaguya nude cute chubby nude freckled, brown-haired, female character to develop a slight crush on Naruto in the Hidden Star arc.

I immediately knew kaguya nude I wanted to do some kind of smuttish thing bra cleavage porn Hokuto's ass. Possibly with food kaguya nude eaten off of it.

The perfect excuse for a brief encore from LNW! On a mostly unrelated note, I have a new poll in my profile regarding this fic Basically, it's about whether or not future chapters of this should be set after the end of A Lewd New Worldkaguya nude would mean some spoilers for those who have not finished that fic. They were his princesses, the four sweetest and american dad francine hentai spoiled girls in the whole wide world.

No one could separate them from him, or from their mothers, though Kaguya had certainly tried. But each of his daughters was unfailingly devoted to him, and they would do anything to make him proud.

She-Who-Hears-All-Things, most kaguya nude to their father's teachings, who learned right and wrong at his feet. Daughter of Gaara, who inherited her mother's black men fucking asian women bosom, she kaguya nude supremely voluptuous and delectably tanned.

Her blonde hair was a shade between that of her father and her aunt, Temari.


Tamilnude eyes were a piercing desert-gold. She-Who-Sees-All-Things, kindest and most insightful, first of the sisters to understand the value of their father's manhood. Daughter of Hinata, with generous breasts, curves in all the right kaguya nude, and long silken hair of fate-thread scarlet. She was fair of skin, apt to redden at the drop of a dime.

Her eyes were a byakugan's pale lavender. She-Who-Causes-Things-to-Grow, cleverest and most ambitious of the sisters. She utterly adored their father, and kissed him whenever she saw him. Daughter of Sakura, she was slender and lithe, with small breasts and a pert, toned bum.

She was bold and amorous. Her hair was cherry blossom pink, and her eyes cerulean blue. She-Who-Upholds-the-Realm, most zealous and devout of the four. She swore herself to their father in mind, body, and soul; she dedicated her life to serving and protecting him, a noble kaguya nude knight. Daughter kaguya nude Sasuki, she was shapely and strong, with goodly breasts and a toned figure. Her hair was snow-white, and her eyes were onyx. A great tower equaling heaven rose high above the nations, a magnificent castle built up from the highest branches of the tallest tree.

From the Shinju's kaguya nude had blossomed his mansion Ten'i Kaguya nudeas Kaguya had proclaimed it which overlooked the vast lands fertile. Naruto sat atop a lotus throne, petals of silver and gold adorned with rich and luxurious silk cushions. His back was every bit as upright and rigid as his cock, his legs crossed with hands resting on his knees as he benevolently presided over the elemental nations. He wore a hat of black and white, branded with the kanji for god.

Kaguya nude he wore, and nothing else, a stern expression on his face as he listened to the case brought before him.

Lady Kaguya nude, the lovely and willful daimyo of the Land of Vegetables, was smiling demurely as she bowed to the Kamikage. She was dressed in aught but indian aunty xxx pics air around her, as was custom for those who came to his palace. Earthly garments filefap unworthy of this place.

It was a petty matter in the grand scheme of things, but Naruto heard them out anyways, nodding attentively as each of them made her case. Seated in seiza position before the kaguya nude of the Lord First, Naruto's daughters knelt with their heads bowed.

Save for the small circlets upon their brows, set with a single gemstone each, they were naked. As silent sentinels, watchful and patient, the four princesses were an impenetrable wall between their father and the two daimyo.

If avy scott ass wished it, they would move aside so his visitors could pay him proper homage, but otherwise they would budge for no one.

They were Kamikage-sama's daughters, most faithful servants of the Divine Shadow. Finally, once Toki and Haruna had each pleaded their cases, Naruto raised a hand and announced his verdict. The two daimyo bowed low, profoundly honored that he should address them directly. Accepting his declaration with unconditional gratitude and servility, the two noble ladies each promised hot blonde gay porn a hefty tribute in thanks for his consideration.

Naruto smiled, and dismissed them. The two gorgeous daimyo turned and walked out of his throne room, kaguya nude swaying their hips as biqlew went. Naruto watched them kaguya nude step of the way, intently appreciating their kaguya nude posteriors. His dick twitched, stiffening a little bit more in perverse longing to ream those fine, fine asses. Kaguya nude, Koumoku, Zoujou, and Jikoku stood up as one the instant the door to the throne room was closed.

They turned to face kaguya nude father, looks of unmistakable longing on their faces.

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Each of them had her eyes unde intently to his cock. Did you notice them lingering at the entrance before they left? Everything in this world already belongs to you. Those naughty little whores clearly knew that, seeing how they were shaking those slutty little asses at you. I'd smooth the surface over with nudde first, obviously," Tamon said. And you topless drew barrymore how Kaguya-chan gets about blood on the tiles. They spoke innocently, but there was a playful twinkle in their eyes.

All four nure the girls promptly broke down in giggles, winking and gesturing kaguya nude each out with varying degrees of obscenity. Then, as if via some mode of silent communication, they swiveled in kaguya nude to eye their father's penis. It was naturally still quite erect, and the sight of it was supremely tantalizing to these randy young lasses. Tamon smiled, visibly pleased by this comparison. Zoujou giggled, and stuck out her kaguya nude in a Teehee! Koumoku blushed, veins creeping kaguuya from her eyes as she lovingly ogled their father's manhood.

Jikoku licked her lips and struck a provocative pose. Kagua spread her legs, stuck out her bum, puffed up her chest, and winked at their father. Tamon, Zoujou, and Koumoku's eyes lit up at nud half-sister's words. All three nodded in emphatic agreement. Naruto smiled, and allowed the girls kaguya nude have their fun. He kaguya nude a very indulgent father, in that way. Though it didn't hurt that the four kaguyaa also incredibly good at pleasuring him, and peerlessly eager to do so.

Tamon and Koumoku draped themselves over the sides of kaguyaa throne, arching their backs and lying on their bellies across the petals. Their feet didn't even reach the edge, and the only parts of them that actually touched were their hands, mouths, and breasts.

The blonde and redhead sandwiched their father's erection between their tits, docking tightly around his girth. Nipples rubbed together, slid over his shaft, and flicked the head of his cock. Gaara and Hinata's daughters proved themselves quite flexible, kaguya nude to mash their lips together and share a heated, passionate kiss mere centimeters above Naruto's aching, sensitive tip. She who heard all, and she who saw all: And they used water park voyeur endowments to peerless nude at door, kaguya nude their melons lewdly and sensuously up and down, back and forth across the Kamikage's manhood.

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Naruto groaned happily, purring and bucking his hips, bi cum compilation his daughters' tits as they made out and massaged his manhood with their mammaries.

The soft valleys enveloped him, smothering his hardness in endless doughy flesh. Hard nipples scraped over his tip, and slid across his shaft, teasing and tormenting him with ungodly levels of pleasure.

You've been practicing with Sasori-chan's training dummies, haven't you? The effect was somewhat ruined, though, kaguya nude the obscene expressions on their faces as they then resume swabbing each other's tonsils. Their heads tilted, and their lips crashed wetly together. Ample breasts jiggled all around Naruto's cock. Further kaguya nude, now, Jikoku's hands were tracing the contours of Naruto's pecs.

Her nipples dug into his skin, and her fingers playfully teased kaguya nude nipples. Jikoku was kneeling behind kaguya nude father, breathing hotly on somthing sexy planet back of his neck, fondling his chest, and pressing her soaking pubic region down on his firm, muscular buttocks.

Her legs were spread, and she was bucking her hips, grinding her loins hungrily, suggestively up and down over her pop's ass. Her own bum was bouncing nicely, twerking kaguya nude quivering with the motion of Jikoku's pelvis. She moaned and spooned her father, panting and nibbling on his earlobes. She groped his rock hard kaguya nude, squeezing her rack into his back. Her face was buried in his hair, and she was blushing intensely. Naruto growled huskily as Jikoku continued kaguya nude wetly hump him, lewdly grinding her fine body all over his solid back.

He felt her hands on his chest, and shivered as she playfully pinched his nipples. His cock throbbed fearsomely within the depths of Tamon and Koumoku's cleavage. She inhaled the scent of his sunny locks. Just as much as I love your mothers! Jikoku's blush deepened, and her usually striking face was looking absolutely adorable. She embraced her father tightly, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

He could feel her pussy's juices wicked weasel xxx down his ass crack, mingling with sweat. The heat of her loins left his buns perfectly toasty, and her breasts conformed excellently to the contours of his back. Down at the foot of Naruto's throne, Zoujou was eyeing her half-sisters as they pleasured their father, and blushing as she licked her lips and puckered up. Crouching down kaguya nude her hands and knees, the pinkette wiggled a firm and milky ass, lowering her head so that she was eye cduniversexxx toe with her father's feet.

She kissed his heel, which was hard and rough. Her cheeks were burning, and her lips parted. She flicked her tongue out, tasting salty sweat. Kaguya nude moaned, her pussy kaguya nude extremely. Moisture dripped down her thighs as she slowly and lovingly frenched the soles of her father's feet. Her face was beet red. Zoujou's lips smacked noisily honeysuckle weeks hot the thick and calloused flesh.

Naruto's soles were as clean kaguya nude his soul, and Sakura's daughter lewdly laved her tongue between his toes. His feet did not particularly smell, for he wasn't constantly cramming them into dark and confined socks and shoes, but the musk of his body was there nonetheless.

Naruto felt Zoujou suckle and nibble on his toes, one by one, kaguya nude massaging his feet. He saw the blush which spread all kaguya nude her body, the signs of her shameful enjoyment of this base and dirty task. She shook her ass eagerly, feeling his gaze upon it, and the Kamikage's cock twitched excitedly between Koumoku and Kaguya nude tits.

He felt Jikoku lightly twist his nipples, and he moaned. Saying this, she took one of his big toes into her mouth, not once breaking eye contact with him as she sealed kaguya nude lips around it, moving her head suggestively back and forth as she suckled and circled her tongue around the thick digit. Two sets of matching cerulean orbs twinkled with fondness and desire. Naruto smiled, taking kaguya nude the presence and ministrations kaguya nude his four beautiful, loving daughters.

His throat tightened with pride, and he came with a grin. Kaguya nude erupted all over kaguya nude daughters' breasts. Kaguya nude and Zoujou immediately pounced on Tamon and Koumoku's sperm-coated tits. This chapter is set kaguya nude the end of LNW, though I kaguya nude leave it intentionally ambiguous as to whether they are back in the real world or still inside of Infinite Tsukuyomi.

In A Lewd New Kaguya nudeI had on a few occasions entertained the thought of putting Naruto's daughters in sexual situations with him — if memory serves me right, that's why I originally had their growth so super-accelerated.

But I wound up refraining from doing any real smut with them because the fic had started getting more serious at that point, and I felt like it would be a bit For AoPaO, however, I've had a older women on tumblr people request both here and back in the original fic for Naruto to have sex with his kaguya nude.

And since this is pure smut with only the barest veneer of episodic excuse plot, I figured ehwhy not? It was the day after Naruto's graduation from the academy.

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The day after he became a true man in the eyes of the Hidden Leaf Village. Mina Namikaze had kaguya nude most delightfully shameful expression on her face kaguya nude she took the young teen's manhood into her mouth. Her kagyua were puffed out and ruddy, her eyes rolling up kaguya nude the back of her head, as she pleasured her dear, beloved son. The buxom blonde was naked, kneeling down before Naruto.

They were in his bedroom, the newly-appointed genin seated at the end of his bed with his pants down. Mina wiggled her butt for Naruto, letting the round and supple cheeks bounce and jiggle this way and that family porn tumblr his viewing pleasure. She stroked the base of his shaft and fondled his balls in silent wonder, thinking about kaguua marvelous it was that he had begun to come kaguya nude his inheritance.

Her lips smacked on his mature nude couples, and her fingers teased up and down his length. Her mouth slid obscenely back and forth, Naruto's young cock throbbing kahuya her oral cavern.

Despite the mess and disorder of his bedroom, the only thing Mina's eyes were on was Naruto's body, this kaguya nude, undeniable male body that could make her feel so HOT at just the slightest, briefest touch. She raked her baby blues adoringly up and down his naked, slender, thirteen year old torso as kayuya went down on him, sucking and slurping on a rigid, velvety smooth dick. The Yellow Flash let out a muffled squeal, her eyes infinitesimally widening at nude anime teen girls suddenness of this movement, but then she smiled.

The blush on her cheeks was pink and rosy, and she blew on Naruto's penis, most of his member securely kaguya nude jude her mouth. Kaguya nude wad of semen erupted from his meatus, filling his mother's throat with the salty, spunky goodness. The retired Yondaime let out a moan of blissful pleasure, eagerly gulping down her son's sperm. Mina smiled, kaguya nude her mouth at last from her son's cock. She licked her lips, gazing warmly into his eyes. You have come splendidly into your own.

She then giggled, eyes twinkling in amusement at this little bianca beauchamp pony entendre. Naruto blushed, meeting his mother's eyes with free fatass porn softly thoughtful expression. You will serve this village well She then kaguya nude lustily, and pushed him gently down on his back.

Straddling de pablo nude, Mina took Naruto manhood inside of herself, greedily spreading the lips of her pussy felony tube swallow up every last inch of his kaguya nude. She moaned lewdly, feeling his cock spread her insides out. He gingerly kissed her breasts, which fell across his face in a cushy heap of supple woman flesh, moaning softly and nibbling at the milky meat of her bosom.

He licked up some of the sweat which glistened and dripped down into Mina's cleavage. The Yellow Flash smiled adoringly at her son, leaning back to mount her weight directly and squarely onto his pelvis, making kaguya nude groan. She squealed kayuya little bit, feeling his cock throb kaguya nude twitch inside of her. I just know you will. Naruto groaned, forgetting all his worries and misgivings francine from american dad nude Mina proceeded to ride him, long and hard.

She bobbed her buxom, curvaceous, voluptuous body up and down on his youthful manhood, impaling herself willfully kaguya nude his rapacious cock. Her hips smacked wetly, obscenely against his, making kgauya most sensual chorus in time with her whimpers kaguga moans. Naruto laid back and let his mother do her thing. It felt so incredible that he couldn't even think of doing anything else. He let her grind nude hot wife tumblr wet, juicy cunt on his stiff, aching cock.

He watched her ample, massive breasts bob up and down playfully, lewdly, lagging ever a second or two behind the rest of her. Mina's generous, doughy buttocks smacked his thighs vulgarly with every downward plunge, and her pussy squelched veronica zemanova nude gif with every upward jerk. She clamped down tightly on his throbbing erection, feeling it pulse and twitch against her burning hot, sopping wet inner walls.

She moaned loudly, feeling the pleasure shoot through kaguya nude body as she ravaged her innermost places on kaguya nude son's hard and unyielding sex. She threw kaguya nude head from side to side, unable to control herself under the onslaught of immense carnal pleasure. Naruto gasped, feeling her pussy squeeze his dick like a silken vise. He howled, feeling himself at the brink of ecstasy.

Then they went limp, and collapsed together in a sweaty heap on the boy's bed. Just a Mina-specific lemon Kushina Uzumaki reclined blonde ass pussy a nuve luxurious bed, vast and velvety soft, with sheets of the finest scarlet silk. Gold-trimmed tapestries hung from her walls, vertiginous iconography of the Uzumaki clan closely intermingled with many tasteful and erotic kaguya nude of the female body.

Crimson tresses were pooled in a radiant, fiery halo around her naked body. Locks of soft and luscious hair bottomless girl pics artfully over her breasts, a kaguya nude ruby strand held suggestively oaguya her plump and shapely lips.

Sea gray eyes were half-lidded, a tantalizingly rosy flush painting the woman's skin. Supple, gorgeous thighs squeezed together. Soft flesh deformed sensually, and her hips angled such that kaguya nude naked womanhood was only just visible.

Her head rested on an embroidered pillow, and her gaze was fixed intently on the form tumblr pussy torture a tall and buxom woman. Kaguya Otsutsuki smiled obsequiously at Kushina, bowing low as she entered the woman's room. Kaguya bowed kaguya nude lower, to the point that she was nearly flattening her breasts against the polished oak floorboards. Her generous, heart-shaped kgauya bounced and quivered as she thrust it up in the air, and a distinctly lewd blush tinted her kaguya nude cheeks.

She shifted her body atop the covers, a bosom of no small size wobbling subtly with the movement. Her posterior was temptingly framed against the sheets, and her fingers kacey jordan black cock languidly down alongside her lovely, amazonian figure. Show kaguya nude that naked whore body of yours, Kaguya-chan.

She smiled shamefully, and did precisely as Kushina ordered. She stood up tall, posing obscenely for her master's mother, wagging a massive, perfect ass and puffing up a tremendous, godly bosom.

She faced Kushina without hesitation, kaguya nude her arms and freely displaying her kaguya nude, naked body. Her breasts were large and flawlessly shaped, round and supple, kaguyaa and bouncy. Her bust dwarfed even Tsunade's, yet it lois griffin breast perfectly proportioned on her body, which was tall and slender.

She was a nudr among women. Her rear was just as generous and perfectly shaped as her chest, a immense, firm, heart-shaped pillow of an kaguya nude. Smooth, pale skin free of blemishes. Round, ample hills cleft in twain by a deep, dark, tantalizing crevasse.

Legs that went on for miles, and perfectly plump thighs that could crush a boulder with ease. Her skin was white as snow, byakugan eyes boring deep into Kushina's steely orbs. The mound of her womanhood was shapely and beautiful, nether-lips cloven by a moist, hot slit.

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Ridges of velvety pink peered out from between her smooth, blushing labia, a swollen and sizable clitoris looking ready and eager for pleasing. Kushina eyed Kaguya kagua a predatory grin, sneering like a leopard that spied a fat gazelle. She continued to lie on her kaguha, raking her sea gray kaguya nude relentlessly over the dethroned goddess's salacious form. Idly, languidly, Kushina inched her legs apart, underwater girl naked archly as she bared kaguya nude own womanhood.

Softly kaguya nude lips moistened with a sweet nectar; her motherly honey pot dripped generously onto the sheets. Nipples stood tall on the peaks of Kushina's breasts, stiff and dark in erotic contrast with the pale, flushed skin of her chest. The Uzumaki matron's kaguya nude was self-evident. She ogled Kaguya demeaningly, eyeing the kaguya nude like she was nothing more than a particularly juicy piece of meat.

Kaguya-hime whimpered, feeling delightfully humiliated under the piercing intensity of Kushina's gaze. Mountainous mammaries glistened with a faint sheen of sweat, heaving and trembling with her subtly labored breaths.

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Fingers shyly kaguya nude the curvature of Kaguya's hips. She kaguya nude her hands down and across her broad and beautiful booty, kaguya nude her palms over her pelvis. Her pussy was neatly shorn, every inch dressed undressed selfie her body below the nose completely bare of hair. Kushina smiled, and nodded condescendingly. She brought a hand down to her own sex, and cupped one of her breasts with a tight, hungry kgauya.

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Lust flashed in the woman's eyes. Kaguya, for all her grace and power, felt wonderfully low kaguya nude base under this gaze. Kushina's eyes pierced her to the core. The woman's glance kindled a hot and crackling fire within the fallen kaguya nude belly. Every second she spent pinned under the redhead's leer was another second closer to orgasm. With a purr and a soft, nearly inaudible moan, Kaguya spread apart her labia.

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Moist, silken pink folds were exposed to young tiny sluts mistress's scrutiny, and Kushina's kaguya nude penetrated her as surely and obscenely as Naruto's phallus ever had. Moisture, hot and fragrant, dripped from between Kaguya's legs. With a body like that, you really are the perfect cum dumpster for him. That's your true calling in life, isn't it? Taking my Naruto's sperm into your filthy slut holes. Kaguya felt her insides tighten and twist at Kushina's words.

It was a kaghya sensation, this delightful shame. Such verbal degradation excited her profoundly, kaguya nude when coming from the uniquely sensual and kaguya nude Kushina.

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Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and she moaned lewdly. I exist solely to be penetrated by him. My body's only worthy use is as a receptacle for his ejaculate! Fingers slipped up into Kaguya's blossom. She bit her lip, shuddering kaguya nude agonizing bliss as she touched herself good and deep. Kaguya thrust her fingers eagerly hentai marvel and forth in her cunt, urged on by Kushina's appreciative leer.

Juices squelched and dribbled out of her pussy, dousing her hand with kaguya nude clear, glistening nectar. Ample flesh roiled, a brobdignagian kaguya nude overflowing the goddess's palm. Titanic buttocks quivered and quaked as she kaguya nude her hips, fingering herself violently for Kushina-sama's viewing pleasure.

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Kaguya's bodacious curves writhed with a squirming, wriggling body as she enthusiastically masturbated, and Kushina similarly pleasured herself. The redhead ogled the bamboo-born princess, twisting a nipple between her fingers, tugging and sharply pinching, squeezing and massaging the fleshy, pliable globe of her teat.

Her pelvis rocked to and fro, kaguya nude mattress flexing beneath her ass as she eagerly bucked her college gay xxx. Scarlet bush crowned a weeping lily, and dextrous digits determinedly delved her damnably delightful depths. I bet you'd even get off on being strangled, wouldn't you?

Kaguya let out a husky kaguya nude with every additional kaguya nude Kushina hurled at her. And after you had given births to more Zetsus Start all over again!

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The Shinju shall kaguya nude you! Katuya was getting hot anal sex from one Zetsu while next to her Samui, who was released from Benihisago and put under Mugen Tsukuyomi and connected to Kaguya nude, was giving titjob to one very lucky Zetsu.

Yamanaka Ino and Kaguya nude Karin was having hot foursome with two Zetsus, their pussy filled with cum. Inuzuka Tsume and her daughter Hana were fucked doggy kaguya nude by their Zetsu-turned-humanoid-ninken. Karui and Kurotsuchi were surrounded by ring of Zetsus and received huge load of cum on their nkde. Mitarashi Anko was blowing her fifth cock, while her pussy was penetrated third time and it was fourth oaguya her ass was filled with cum. She stopped fellatio for moment to announce kaguya nude line of Zetsus: Ichiraku Ayame was sucking ramen broth covered cocks of Zetsus, while one Zetsu was naked female gymnast her wet pussy.

In the Academy, Suzume and Tsubaki were giving assjob to one Zetsu, their round buttocks rubbing its cock.

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Cocks were blowed and stroked, breasts were licked, pussies and asses were penetrated, ravaged and filled with cum. Kaguya nude, who has learned how to control her Kaima transformation, was sucking cock of one Zetsu while under water.

Tamaki lesbian stroking Nekobaa, latter having much younger body, were pounded from behind kaguya nude their Zetsu-turned-humanoid-ninneko. Sen and Yome, nude armenian women having older body now, were rubbing their pussies against long shaft of one Zetsu.

Sana was licking Saya's wet pussy while fucked behind by two Zetsus, and Saya was slurping one Zetsu's cock while stroking penises of two Kaguya nude. Shion, kaguya nude priestess of Land of Demons, was gangbanged by group of Zetsu, their cum covering her body. Amaru, doctor of kaguya nude village, was slurping the cock of tall girls naked Zetsu, while stroking cocks of two other Zetsu.

Horniest of them was Shizuka, leader of village, who was currently riding on one Zetsu, her ass penetrated by other Zetsu and around her was ring of Zetsus, whose cocks she was stroking and blowing. Hotaru of Tsuchigumo Clan, with her huge breasts on one Zetsu's mouth and its cock deep inside her kaguya nude, had already five orgasms.

But it would never be enough As long as Shinju powered up the kunoichi and Zetsu, they all will continue the Infinite Orgy Let's start, shall we?

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Hinata, you shall take the right one from my side, while Sakura takes the left kaguys. Hinata and Sakura obeyed and lay down to their knees, close to their assignes penises, with Hinata's having tattoo of jude sun and Sakura's having tattoo of dark crescent moon.

Hinata surrounded the kaguya nude shaft with her breasts and started sucking it, while Sakura swallowed immediately the entire length of the left shaft. Kaguya was almost overwhelmed by the feelings of her two concubines' mouths surrounding her cocks. During the blowjobs, Hinata and Sakura started to feel something The mouths of Hinata kaguya nude Sakura were filled sex sexy photo seeds of their Kaguya-sama's cocks, which brought more memories of their respective boys Now those kaguya nude the good girls After swallowing everything, Hinata and Sakura remainded on their knees to tumblr adult store another order from their Kaguya-sama.

These two penises were created kaguya nude mind of your crushes, so that you could still Through me, you can still feel the pleasure of losing virginty to your crushes I'm very kind, aren't I? Hinata lyed down on her right side, while Sakura lyed down on left side, the two facing each other. They opened their legs, revealing their moist fleshes, desperate to be filled with long, thick shafts Overwhelming Pleasure of kaaguya, long penis of their respective crushes- no, kaguya nude ones inside them.

Overwhelming Pleasure of thick, long penis of their respective kwguya ones AND their Kaguya-sama inside them. Hinata and Kaguya nude were drowning in the sea of pleasure nuse was caused by two thick shafts of their Kaguya-sama grinding deep inside their tight fleshes.

With every thrust of Kaguya's penises, the minds of Hinata and Sakura were slowly velba nude and more filled with kaguya nude of Rinne Sharingan, its Tomoe spinning gently, telling them only things they needed kaguya nude know, kqguya them succumbing under Kaguya's will more than they were already.

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At the same time, on their foreheads started kaguya nude appear the kaguya nude of Rinne Sharingan, showing the process of subjugating. Around the planet, where Infinite Nudr continued, the same thing happened with other women as they were filled with cocks girls caught naked in public Zetsus.

Their minds were slowly more and more filled with image of Rinne Sharingan, its Tomoe spinning gently, telling them only things they needed to know, making them succumbing under Kaguya's will more than they were already. And as the worldwide orgasm spread across the kaguya nude, the minds of women completely succumbed under Kaguya's will. Hinata and Sakura were breathing hardly, as their pussies were filled with their Kaguya-sama's pearly, thick, warm seed. On their foreheads glowed the mark of Rinne Sharingan, marking them as personal sex slaves of Kaguya.

Well, Maguya may exaggerate a bit, but I was still very upset. This was my first time writing full length lemon fic, so it's not kaguya nude by any means. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. What if Kaguya killed Naruto, Sasuke and Kaguya nude Needs more comments, why not kaguya nude one?

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Zolomuro 16.03.2018 at 17:09 says:
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ahhh the benefits of fucking a granny - cumming inside with no risk of pregnancy
Basho 23.03.2018 at 07:35 says:
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hmmmm perfect! That was exactly the reaction I was hoping for )
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