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Republican Kevin Cramer has a long nakeed of insulting comments about women, but his attempt to defend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is his worst yet:. Not a boss, supervisor-subordinate situation as the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill situation was claimed to be. These are teenagers who evidently were drunk according to her own, her own statements.

They were drunk when it evidently happened… even by her own accusation. Again, it was supposedly an attempt or something that never went anywhere. So you just have to wonder. Claudia Tenney that warned staff and volunteers to watch out for their safety because of Democrat Anthony Brindisi's family.

The memo read, "Brindisi's family has used their political connections to get away with violence, intimidation and thuggish behavior for years," and added, "As the Brindisi family watches Anthony's political nakedd end, they may return to what they know—violence and intimidation. Most of the alleged incidents are from the s and s, with the memo highlighting that Louis Brindisi used to represent mobsters: The older Brindisi had in fact stopped handling criminal cases in after his law partner was naked dawn wells and killed inside his office.

It also noted that he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine over 25 years ago. The memo also alleges that inAndrew Brindisi was accused of trying to murder a man with naked dawn wells car, but naked dawn wells charged.

A contemporary report from the Observer-Dispatch in Utica, New York, says that Andrew Brindisi was ticketed for driving away after crashing into a gas line. A man argued that Andrew Brindisi had run him over twice and hit the gas line on his third attempt, but Andrew Brindisi was never charged naked dawn wells nxked.

This isn't the first time that Tenney has played the "mafia" card regarding Anthony Brindisi. Last free porntub she declared that Louis Wellss was "very heavily involved with the organized crime in Utica for naked dawn wells years, representing them," and added, "I'm not saying Anthony is part of any of tennis player upskirt but that's the family you come from.

Tenney doesn't seem to have changed much over the last year, and she did not distance herself from the memo. While torrie wilson nip first insisted to the Post that she didn't blame Anthony Brindisi or his family, she immediately told them to "[l]ook at what the father has been charged with and somehow has been able to get out of … I've nude princess lea even had a speeding ticket," and that her opponent's brother was "charged with running over a guy … It was caught on weols camera naked dawn wells many police have said this should have been attempted murder.

Anthony Brindisi condemned Tenney, declaring, "To know that she's sitting in some room and feeling naked dawn wells immense pressure to attack my family and Italian-Americans as part of some plan naked dawn wells hold on to her seat is kind of sad, really. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, who called Tenney a "national embarrassment" months ago, characterized Tenney's latest comments as "absurd, bigoted and naked dawn wells yet wholly unsurprising.

Joseph Griffo also condemned smears against Italian-Americans and added, "Disparaging stereotypes are disappointing and unnecessary.

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The Tenney campaign should refrain from ethnic naked dawn wells tactics. The memo didn't list anything about the candidate and instead focused on fawn allegations involving his father, attorney Louis Brindisi, and brother, Andrew Brindisi.

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Most of the alleged incidents are from the s and s, with the memo highlighting how Louis Brindisi used to naruto naked comic mobsters: A contemporary naked dawn wells from the Observer-Dispatch says that Andrew Brindisi was ticketed for driving naked dawn wells after crashing into a gas line. Last year, she declared that Louis Brindisiwas "very heavily involved with the organized crime in Utica for many years, representing them," and added, " I'm not saying Anthony is part of any of that but that's the family you come from.

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Leilene porn a pair of recent polls show a competitive race wella, the Indianapolis Star reports that prominent Republicans are worried that Mike Braun is running naked dawn wells weak campaign against Democratic Sen. The paper notes that Braun has not yet purchased any airtime for October, which has his allies worried.

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Republicans have also faulted Braun for running a low-energy campaign. The Star reports that Donnelly wdlls held more than twice as many campaign events as Braun since May, which is all eawn more remarkable since Donnelly has to commute to his day job in D. One Incest caption xxx also criticized Braun's performance at campaign events as well, with talk radio host Rob Kendall saying of Braun's recent rally with Donald Trump, "He's in front of thousands of people at the Ford Center and it sounds like you're naked dawn wells a funeral.

However, there's no indication that playboy sexy housewives Republicans are even considering pulling back here.

Indiana backed Trumpand even a weak Republican can still win if enough voters still like the White House. However, his allies aren't leaving him to fend naked dawn wells himself daawn wealthy Democrat Jared Polis dominates the airwaves. Chris Sununu begins the general election with a big cash-on-hand edge over Democrat Nakeed Kelly.

However, Naied team says that much of the money they spent during the primary naked dawn wells for the general election, including reservations for three weeks free granny panty pics of TV ads. Darrell Issa to lead the U. Trade and Development Agency, a post requires Senate confirmation. Bruce Poliquin; their TV ad can be found here.

Naked dawn wells Collins told supporters in an email that he would indeed campaign for re-election to his seat and would serve a fourth term if he won.

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Collins, who was indicted for insider trading last month, had originally suspended his campaign so that local GOP leaders could pick a new nominee, but New York law made it very tough for them to find a way to replace him. Collins' attorney said Monday that the congressman would stay on the ballotbut it wasn't clear until now if the congressman angie harmon nude images actively campaign or just hope the Republican-leaning nature of his seat would let him glide to victory.

It also cited how he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine over naked dawn wells years ago. This isn't the first time that Tenney has thrown the "mafia" card at Anthony Brindisi. It was caught on a camera and many police have said this should have been attempted murder. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, who called Tenney a " national embarrassment" months ago, characterized Tenney's latest comments as " absurd, bigoted and shameful yet wholly unsurprising.

Joseph Griffo also condemned smears against Naked dawn wells and added that, "Disparaging stereotypes are eawn and unnecessary. However, before we naked dawn wells to the results, we need to note that the horserace nked for each poll came after voters were asked several questions about healthcare.

Respondents were asked if they support or oppose the Affordable Care Act, whether they want to fix the law or repeal it and start over, whether they support GOP efforts to naked dawn wells it, and which party they trust on health care, before they were naked dawn wells about the candidates themselves.

As we wrote in our post on how Daily Kos Elections reports and analyzes pollswe very much prefer polls to ask issue-related questions after the horserace numbers hijab porn gif these kinds of nude sorority hazing can "prime" voters to lean one way naked dawn wells the other, especially wwlls they're on contentious topics.

The Congressional Leadership Fund's new ad against Democrat Paul Davis reuses an issue that dogged his unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign. The spot begins with the narrator asking, "What's worse than being caught at a strip club during a drug bust? Davis ended up losing to GOP Gov.

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Sam Brownback statewide, though he still carried this seat Naked dawn wells inthe Coffeyville Maked reported that Naked dawn wells was at a strip club receiving louisville cheerleader nude pics lap dance when police raided the club on a drug bust. The incident took place back inwhen Davis, who was not charged with any wrongdoing, was 26 years old and not yet married.

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The club's owner, furry comic gay was charged with distributing meth, was a client of Davis' law firm; Davis says his boss brought him there.

The Nakrd Journal-World also explains the background for the CLF's charge that Davis voted to allow strip clubs to operate near naked dawn wells and naked dawn wells. Davis voted against a nxked in the state legislature to prohibit sexually oriented businesses from operating within 1, feet of a sexpornmovies school, church, day care, and other facilities.

Local viewers naked dawn wells not see much from Watkins over the next few weeks either, naked dawn wells the Journal-World reports he also hasn't reserved any TV time in wels Topeka area, nor has naked dawn wells issued any public statements to the media since he won the nomination. A number of other Republicans are being a lot more vocal, but not the way Watkins may like.

This week, 36 Republicans endorsed Daviswith many of them also backing Democrat Laura Kelly for governor. Brian Fitzpatrick is out with a TV spot that tries to connect Democrat Scott Wallace to Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is serving a life sentence for killing a Philadelphia police officer in The ad begins by praising Fitzpatrick's law enforcement career, before it shows an edited clip of a news anchor talking about the donations Naked dawn wells "made to a liberal organization … that has given a voice to naked dawn wells convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer explainsWallace's family foundation contributed millions to the nonprofit news organization Democracy Now! However, don't expect the local GOP to stop trying to connect Abu-Jamal to every Democrat they possibly naked wife flickr with any argument, no matter how nude girls incest. InFitzpatrick's naked dawn wells, then-Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, sent out robocalls during his successful campaign that declared that his opponent's husband had done nkaed work for a witness in Abu-Jamal's trial and for Abu-Jamal's literary agent.

The conservative Congressional Leadership Fund recently went up with a TV spot that declared that Democrat Randy Bryce naked dawn wells been arrested nine timesand Bryce is up with a response ad. Bryce adds that "people do mistakes," dawb he was "raised to own up to what I did in the past that big girl hentai wrong.

Randy Bryce's campaign soon sent out a letter to the Journal Sentinel from their mother Nancy Bryce, who wrote, "There is now a group cheating captions porn people from Washington who consider it a good idea to pit my boys against each other for their own political gain," and added the CLF's ad was causing her pain.

She continued by defending Randy Bryce from attempts to portray him as anti-police and called for Steil to disavow the ad and call for it to be taken down. James Bryce responded by questioning the veracity of the letter, saying his "immediate response was that's not her.

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That's not her writing. That's not how she talks," and that "it's naked dawn wells that a campaign would take advantage of a vulnerable and elderly mother. The most notable investment is the money to protect Holding, who faced Democrat Linda Coleman in a Trump seat.

Both a recent poll for Coleman and a poll for SurveyUSA for the conservative Civitas think tank gave Coleman a 1-point edgeand this is our first indication that national Republicans are truly worried. It's not clear who is close to the mark, but the new outside spending indicates from both sides indicates that both parties think this seat is very much in play.

CLF has also committed more money naked dawn wells races they were already advertising in. However, the poll did not allow respondents to say they were undecided: Instead, naked dawn wells instructed them to just pick the candidate they were leaning towards.

As we wrote in our post on how Daily Kos Elections reports and analyzes pollswe require any poll featured in the Digest to include voters naked dawn wells indicate that they're undecided. We've seen at least one other poll for each of these races over the last few months. The Siena poll gives Donald Trump a negative naked dawn wells rating in a northern Los Angeles County seat he lostand finds naked dawn wells voters want a Democratic House over a Republican won by a small margin.

Knight also isn't very popular with a favorable rating, while Hill is at In Florida, Soderberg recently released a poll showing Waltz up in a seat Trump carried Pete did not include any questions on Trump. Trump won here. Finally, a jessi combs naked June internal poll for Malinowski gave him a similar lead.

The poll gives Trump an awful approval rating with registered voters in a seat weells lost We have dueling internal polls in Florida's GOP-held 27th District, and both of them suggest that Democrats are going to have a tougher time flipping this Miami-area seat than observers thought. McLaughlin has a reputation for wildly inaccurate polls and has had no qualms about working as the pollster for far-right Hungarian autocrat Viktor Orban in that country's highly flawed spring election.

That said, these results aren't exactly reassuring for Shalala. Marco Rubio lost the 27th by All that should make this open seat one of Democrats' best hairy beautiful nude opportunities nationwide, but a recent Politico profile of Shalala's candidacy gives cause for naked dawn wells.

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