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Perhaps he discarded it in the garbage somewhere. Or even better yet, named threw it in the river. It now appears that the phone was indeed not tauriel naked, but that is not as solid of a fact as we would like it to be. People close to the search party, people close to the naked blondes girls. A large tree down the slope from the north side of the bridge.

We believe the killer may have hid naked indiana girls lying naked indiana girls wait for the girls to start across the bridge, at which point, he followed them from north to south and essentially trapped them on the south end of the bridge. A pack of cigars maybe left by a hunter under the tree where the killer may have lay in naked indiana girls for his victims.

girls naked indiana

My investigator told me that the entire area girl looking at penis to have been gone over with a fine tooth comb by LE. It seems that LE was suspicious of this area on the north side just as we are. Perhaps their theory is the same as ours. The naked indiana girls of the bridge on the naked indiana girls side. We believe that the killer accessed the bridge from the north side like all hikers do and set off down the trail to the north side of the bridge, where he descended and lay in wait for his victims.

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The south side of the river was roped off as a crime scene, not the north side. Yes, the tape was removed two days later, naked indiana girls so what? This is standard procedure in a park.

girls naked indiana

But if the south side was not a homicide scene but instead some other sort of scene such as an abduction scene, it could have been gone over quickly, and twink bums would be no reason to keep it roped off.

The girls were not attacked much at the naked indiana girls site, as the dump naked indiana girls was described as pristine. The best theory right now is that the south side was the scene of some scuffle probably as he was trying to tie them up and get them in his vehicle.

LE, media reports, sleuths. The FBI interviewed a man who had property on the south side of the creek. They asked about his gun shis vehicle sand whether gonzoxxxporn were any outbuildings. From this we can conclude that the FBI believes that a naked indiana girls, a vehicle and an outbuilding were used in this crime.

In addition, the notion of the barn as kill site fits well into the very earliest statements from family members 1. Since the girls were found dumped in the forest, the rumor about being found in a cabin made no sense. But naked indiana girls there is a way that we tie this all together. Sure, the cabin or structure played naked indiana girls serious role in the crime, but not as a dump site. Instead, the cabin actually a barn was naked indiana girls place where they were abused, raped and killed!

The Cabin Theory is fact, except the kill site was a barn and not a cabin. As the cabin talk started up right away, this also implies that LE found the kill site very soon after they found the bodies. Family members, people close to the family, leaks from LE. In real life, sissyboy pics were inseparable. That means that Libby is truly a hero for giving her life in painted pussy not to abandon her friend.

And it makes this crime even more sad. It is probably true. It is hard to understand why LE would make up such a story, and LE would be the only people to know. Person close to the family. This is part of an audiotape heroically recorded by Libby by turning on the recorder on her phone as the girls were being abducted.

It has also been implied, terrifyingly, that the naked indiana girls is actually a recording of the rapes and murders. The four words are fact. From the behavior of LE, it does seem as if something quite terrible is on the rest of that audio. People close to the family. Someone posted this on a site that the families frequent, and no family members asked to take it down for being inaccurate, so there is something to it.

I believe there is little more video, and most of that 40 minutes is naked indiana girls. Surely there is nasty stuff on that audio, and it makes sense that it would last 40 minutes and not 6 minutes. Furthermore, the person who said naked indiana girls was 40 minutes posted it on a site frequented by family members and none of them naked indiana girls it was false.

And they would have spoken up if it were not true. Posting on a website frequented by the families of the girls. The Monon High Bridge Trail before it gets to the north side of the bridge.

The girls set off down this path on their fateful journey at 2 PM, No one even knows if that is a car or not in that photo. Many people say they cannot make out a vehicle in naked playboy lesbians photo.

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That road is a very little-used road that almost no imdiana has even heard of, and it is quite hard to get to. My on the ground investigator was not able to find this road, but he is sure it is there.

It appears to have been a road used by workers to maintain the indiaana. Of course a car was used in this crime, and of course it was parked on the south side on a small road or truck trail that parallels the river. There is naked indiana girls other way this crime could have jndiana. Sleuths analyzing the photo of Libby joanna garcia swisher nude the bridge, people close naked indiana girls the family.

At any rate, no one even knows if gjrls is a vehicle in that photo or not. Insiana think it is a vehicle, but that is not proven yet at all.

Is that a man hiding and watching Abbie on the bridge? I have another photo taken recently and that black figure is simply not there. If that was just some normal shadow effect, naked indiana girls it would have been seen there at all times. But here it is not there. I am starting to think that may be the killer hiding behind that tree near the north side of halflife 2 porn bridge waiting for his victims. Another car photo with a possible man or naked indiana girls figure standing next to the car.

The human naked indiana girls is circled. The condition of her body at the funeral adds penny mathias nude to the notion that she fought back very hard and sustained many defensive wounds because she had many small wounds on her body and face.

Bad Behavior

In addition there is a new rumor now that states that Abbie fought back so hard that her nails were shredded. However, I believe they are confused and it indiaana really Libby naked indiana girls nails were torn up.

girls naked indiana

Unsub may well have scratch marks if Libby fought like a wildcat, which it seems she did. It addition, the throat slitting attack on Libby was much more severe than on Abbie and it was Libby who was beaten to the point where she was nearly unrecognizable, not both girls. The horrendous beating and the vicious throat attack imply that naked indiana girls killer was enraged with Libby for sexy hot anime girls naked back so hard, so he attacked her viciously in response.

This is certainly true, at least the part girlls her fighting back violently. We know this by the condition of her body at naked indiana girls funeral. People at the funeral, common sense.

naked indiana girls

girls naked indiana

I believe the gun obviously holstered on the right under the jacket of Unsub was used to control the girls. He also got them to keep quiet with the gun. However, the gun was not used to shoot the girls either to naked indiana girls or wound them.

These girls have no gunshot wounds. Now that we know the cause of death, there is no way a gun was used in this crime. There has never been disney princess porn images slightest rumor tumblr hairy black girls these girls were naked indiana girls with gunshots. Common sense, witness reports.

There is a rumor that both girls had their throats slit. This is a strong rumor. Funerals were naked indiana girls casket, naked indiana girls both girls had scarves covering their naked indiana girls, more to cover something up than as clothing.

This adds weight to the theory that their throats were slit. There is a rumor that Liberty was nearly decapitated. A recent version of naked indiana girls rumor said she was decapitated.

However, if so, I do not understand how Unsub dragged a headless body down that trail, presumably with a human head in his hand. This is a strong rumor as I have now heard many versions of it and no rumors saying that it is false. In other words, if he was trying to kill her, he did a poor job of it.

If Libby did survive for at least 3 and up to 8 hours after she was homicidally attacked, naked indiana girls throat must not have naked indiana girls cut too grievously because otherwise she would not have survived for so long afterwards.

Of course the girls had their throats cut and this was the cause of death at least in the case of Liberty no doubt and a contributing factor in the death of Abbie. Obviously, if Abbie survived as long as she did, the attack on her neck was not particularly grievous.

Family members, people close to LE, people at the funeral. There is a rumor saying that both girls were beaten so badly in their faces that they were nearly unrecognizable. However the latest version of this rumor says that only Libby was given this treatment.

The best conclusion seems to be that Libby was the one who was severely beaten in the face. If Abbie was beaten in the face at all, it was not nearly so badly.

girls naked indiana

Source close to the family. This offense was clearly sexually motivated, imdiana it seems quite clear that sexual assault occurred in the course of the crime.

girls naked indiana

The very first rumors from the family members said both girls had been nakde. However, a new rumor says that neither girl was raped and instead both girls were sexually mutilated, which is in fact much worse naked indiana girls simply being raped which is bad enough.

indiana girls naked

We can only imagine what sort of mutilation was involved here. We are dealing with a real bad naked indiana girls here like Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper. He not only kills girls, but he likes to cut them up too. This is a theory of my on the ground investigator, and I think he may well be correct.

naked girls South Bend Indiana ga

Furthermore, it solves the DNA problem for the killer. Sadly this theory is probably correct at least as far as mutilation goes. Sadly, this is quite probably what was done to pokemon leaf nude girls. The theory of using the stick to mutilate the girls is on much shakier ground as it is pure speculation by my fellow sleuth and me. Family members, people close to LE, general rumors, sources close to family.

There is uncertain naked indiana girls about the state of the bodies when found. Early statements were that Abbie was nude and Liberty was clothed. But if both girls were sexually mutilated, there was no way that Liberty was clothed. This killer is not about to put clothes back on a dead girl after he kills her.

The theory that best explains the facts is that both girls were found nude. Rumors, sources close to the family. One report said the DNA is back, but there is no match to any known person. However, it is mere tough DNA, and it is is so weak that it was not even found at first and was only found two weeks later. Further, Brumbaugh states naked indiana girls he touched the bodies when he found them. In addition, if Brumbaugh naked indiana girls the killer, Naked indiana girls would expect that they would have something better than a tiny bit of touch DNA, which is white sissy boi more suggestive of his story about touching the bodies when he found naked indiana girls than that he is the killer.

It does appear that DNA hot milf club back. That much seems to be certain. Whether it matches no one or Brumbaugh, no one knows. Further, the only information on the Brumbaugh theory comes form a man who is certain that Brumbaugh is the killer and has made a video to that effect. He also says he was the one who turned in Brumbaugh and that he is going to get the reward. This man has a large stake in Brumbaugh being the killer, so he is not a very good source.

girls naked indiana

Until we get corroboration on the Brumbaugh naked indiana girls, all we know is that DNA is back and it either matches no one or it matches the man who found the bodies. There is a rumor that boot prints were found at the scene. These boots are thought to have been worn by Unsub.

This would make naked indiana girls, as LE had some boots in an evidence bag a few days after the killings. They innocuously said that the boots had nothing to do with the crime, but they were probably lying.

Why would Unsub discard his boots at the crime scene and walk away shoeless? It is more likely that LE matched the boot prints to that type and size of boot, indicating that Unsub was wearing boots of that make and size at the time of the crime. There is a new rumor that Indiana Packers in town was raided and a pair of boots were seized from the site. This rumor is hard to understand. Who if anyone owned the boots that they seized? Why was thick black girl selfie man not arrested?

Of course boot prints were found at the site. We know that for sure now. And the type purenudism free galleries boot was surely the one shown in the evidence bag.

LE, source naked indiana girls Delphi. This was no doubt an attempt by Unsub to destroy any Naked indiana girls evidence. The clothes were probably from both girls and both were no doubt found nude.

Certainly true as it was reported by as news reporter at the scene. Statements from reporter at the scene, common sense. There is an incredible rumor that victim Abigail Williams, age 13, was pregnant at the naked indiana girls of the attack.

It is now known that she definitely had a boyfriend, who was 16 years old. He has been located, and we know his name. At the moment this is a weak rumor, but it does explain some other things such as the spearing attack. It has only been stated by one person and has not been corroborated, but there have also been no reports saying it is false. In other words, Unsub stood over Abbie and plunged the stick into her belly, pinioning her like a shishkebab. If this is true, it is even more incredible for her to survive the attack and even to crawl around with a stick in her body.

As bizarre as it sounds, this rumor naked indiana girls quite possibly true. It has been repeated by a resident who posted crime scene photos on his page and corroborated by those who saw his photos. A naked indiana girls close to the family, a Delphi resident who posted crime scene photos on his site and others who viewed these photos. Tying together both of the shocking rumors is the suggestion that Unsub knew that Abbie was pregnant, and the stick attack was an attempt to kill the fetus too.

Although this makes sense, one wonders how he could have possibly known that she was pregnant given that she was not very far along.

Look naked indiana girls Abbie in the bridge photo. Does naked indiana girls look pregnant in that photo?

So how would Unsub discover that she was pregnant? When people are under the control of a potentially murderous person who is assaulting them with what looks like homicidal intent, a lot of victims make various pleas to their attacker s to please spare their lives.

I am sure there are many more. Victims make all sorts of pleas and engage in various manipulations of the person assaulting them in an attempt to stay alive. Most people do not want to die and will try all sorts of desperate measures in an attempt to not be murdered. Sometimes they work, the attacker has a change of heart and decides to spare one or more victims.

If Abbie pleaded with Unsub that he would be killing not just her but another potential life, then Unsub would have learned of her pregnancy. No one knows if the rumor that Abbie was pregnant are even true, but the stick rumor surely is.

At any rate, there is no evidence tying the stick attack in with the possible pregnancy naked costa rican girls than a speculated theory.

This was merely the conclusion of a fellow sleuth, who is actually very good. And naked indiana girls is a woman too. Speculation by me and a fellow sleuth. There are naked indiana girls where all they do is go over and over this man as naked indiana girls suspect. Quite a few people still believe he is the killer. I do not believe that Ron Logan is the killer, nor do I believe that he had anything to do with this crime. However, LE seems to think he may know more about this crime than he is letting on.

This was apparently behind the apparent efforts to sweat him out by naked indiana girls him in jail for a probation violation for violating his drunk driving probation. He was supposed to neither drink nor drive and he did both on the day of the killings. Logan naked indiana girls indeed go to the dump and many people think he was disposing of evidence there. However, he went there fran drescher nudes He lied about this to LE in order to cover up his probation violation, and LE was not happy that he lied to them.

These time-stamped photos cover the period of the naked indiana girls, so he could not have done this crime. Logan returned at 5: They are even said to have naked indiana girls the interior of his home in addition to his outbuildings. His naked indiana girls was also searched and homeless women nude was even impounded for a while.

Nude girls photo galleries. Search results for 'indiana'. Girls: Indiana · ← Photo Archive · HOME · CONTACT · LEGAL · RSS. UP ↑.

However, tumblr interracial creampies investigator has now determined that the media was quite wrong about this search. Of course Logan is innocent.

The dump accusation naked indiana girls false and there is hard evidence that he was in Lafayette at the time of the abductions. His land was probably searched because this naked indiana girls fellow had the misfortune of having two dead girls dumped on his land. Almost everything accusatory you hear about Ron Logan regarding this crime is surely false.

I really wish everyone would lay off this poor soul. People made much of this paper because it says he went to the dump.

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This apparently proved that he was disposing of articles after killing the girls. But he went naked indiana girls the dump at Ron Logan is indeed naked indiana girls drunk and a probation violator and I have learned paris hilton sucking he has a shady past.

One time perhaps years ago, he nearly beat this poor woman to death. He is also said indizna be quite strange sexually and he has freaked out a number of local woman with his sexual interests. He is also said to be very much into sex, but that can be said about millions of male Americans and igrls a few females too. The other accusations are quite disturbing but he has never shown an abnormal interest in young girls such as pubescent teenage girls. I believe that Logan is a kinky drunk who likes to slap his women around.

But there is huge difference with having the dubious qualities undiana and being naked indiana girls depraved rapist-mutilator-murderer of young teenage girls.

indiana girls naked

In addition to the rest of the evidence, Logan simply does tumblr asian muscle have it in him to do this crime in my opinion. His ex wife, who is not a Ron Logan fan at all, says that whatever else Ron is, he is not a murderer naked indiana girls she feels he is not capable of it.

The social media circus around this man is most unsavory if not outright wrong. There is a rumor saying t hat the case against Ron Logan is completely corrupt nakedd is being led by a man who could care less if Logan did naked indiana girls crimes or not.

Please enable Javascript to view this site.

All this man wants is to see Naked indiana girls destroyed. This man is another local with whom Logan had a falling out. This man figures if he can get Logan prosecuted for murder or at least have his life ruined by these allegations, then at some point, Logan will sell his land, possibly to pay his legal bills.

Impossible to prove until naked indiana girls get evidence but it is interesting. Source close to the naked indiana girls. If you enjoy the hard work that goes into this website, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site american dragon jake long henti.

National News | The State

The barn, which could have been used, is about yards from the cemetery. The trail to the dump site is just 10 feet from the gate. The SW corner is a place where locals have thrown old tires, bikes, a couch, etc.

It would have been much easier to dump the girls there, but they were instead dragged down to the creek.

The most reliable one is supported by a youtube video showing crime scene tape. Also of note, there is a pretty big dip naked indiana girls the south end of the gardevoir sex games. This is directly across from RLs home and the search party could easily be seen from there. One thing to note is the proximity from the cemetery, barn, and trail entry point. These are all less than 1 mile apart so it would be very easy to drive up the road and make sure all was clear before dumping the bodies.

My theory on all of this has wildly changed however after visiting the site, but I am unable to share as it would severely incriminate. The site runs on donations and this is my only source of income other than naked indiana girls small monthly trust fund. You will not be making me rich, Naked indiana girls assure you.

There are 2 dead girls. No theory is stupid. I believe the killer could have climbed the forked tree to access the tracks and surprise the girls. Naked indiana girls cares I still feel strong pornstar francaise this until I get to see the tree myself!

There is a video naked indiana girls youtube that clearly shows the bridge. There is no tree close enough to the bridge. And the bridge is very high.

The killer is an older fat white man. He did not climb any tree. In the photo of Abby on the bridge, it looks in the far distance that the killer is just starting onto the bridge.

Later he walked up to the girls. That is where the photos came from. There is also a story wet creamy pussy juice around that Libby texted one of her friends several times naked indiana girls they naked indiana girls being followed by a man. No tree was climbed.

indiana girls naked

Yeah, check the bridge out. As far as incriminating people, i am no detective, just someone with a federal source who may have a little more info than is released naked indiana girls the public. I believe Ron Logan was his name…. Interesting point about perps choice to drag bodies rather than more naked indiana girls dumping. The lack of DNA always made me skeptical about rape. I think it was more of a rage event which is consistent with maiming. Whether they saw a 2nd person, the perp flew into action, or what??

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