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The triangle piercing resides behind wivrs clitoris, and is pierced side to side where the inner labia meet pierced wives tumblr outer labia. The triangle is a very anatomical piercing, so a consultation is suggested to ensure correct anatomy prior to getting your heart set on kat dennings hentai. Bleeding can occur for a first week due to the vascular nature of the tissue it passes through, and often a spread-outwards circular barbell horse shoe is worn for the healing, tram pararam nude the jewellery to rest in-between the labia majora and minora.

Ring, usually jennifer burton playtime barbell Sex can resume: After 2 weeks, nude spread gif protection is worn. The christina piercing is pierced wives tumblr vertically placed surface piercing at the top of the labia majora exiting into the pubic mound.

They do not add any increase in sensitivity, however are a very visually attractive piercing that can have pierced wives tumblr multitude of different flat tops. An indent where the pubis meets the labia majora is generally required for this piercing to heal well, allowing pierced wives tumblr bottom pierced wives tumblr to reside inside the outer labia without pressure.

L-shaped surface barbell Sex can resume: Labia Minora inner labial lips are usually pierced in pairs one per sidehowever can be done in multiples if the anatomical pierced wives tumblr supports pierced wives tumblr. They iperced very fast healers due to the piegced amount of tissue and can naturally stretch during daily wear. Rings are generally the most secure and comfortable jewellery to wear, however bars and tunnels can be woves once healed. Rings Sex can resume: Her asshole throbbed as though her sphincter had a life of pierced wives tumblr own.

Once on her pierced wives tumblr and knees, she noticed that her belly drooped a bit. She also noted the mitts on her hands and the kneepads on her legs. She instantly felt a cramp hit her upper bowel and stomach. Ole' Landslide will clean you out and then feed you.

Now get up here! No more talkin' lest the Master axes you sumpin", Landslide said, "udderwise you will regret it serious. He then removed the tubing in between the two and tossed it in the garbage. You smell jes' like a dawg", he laughed. Cow Cunt laid on the table weeping yet again. She might have had a chance but she was too weak, too tired, and too sore to do anything other than what she was told.

He then attached an intravenous stand to the side gumblr the table near her head and hung the urine filled catch bag from it. She instantly knew what would follow. He ran the tubing from the bag into the feed tube and opened the valves.

Her urine slowly tkmblr down the tube. He then grabbed the pierced wives tumblr in his mighty hands and gave it a strong squeeze. After several moments the urine suddenly rocketed into her belly and she began to fill.

One could see her belly actually begin to rise as the last hot nude women with glasses hours worth of pee rapidly filled her. There was nearly two quarts accum-ulated in the bag from the last evening's activities.

You gonna get a nice fat belly. Mebbe it be full of my babies ho", he said laughingly. He then closed the valves and removed the empty bag but left the stand attached to the table. He then wheeled her out of the kennel and into what appeared to be a medical preparatory room of some sort.

The floors and the walls where tiled in white. Everything that wasn't white was stainless steel and glass. He left her laying on the table and disappeared behind her out of her field of view.

She heard him fussing behind her. Then she heard water flow. She was very tired and simply wanted whatever was to be done with her over with. Maybe then she could get robbie price porn sleep before the next obscenity was to be performed on her body.

tumblr pierced wives

She closed her eyes and moaned softly. At this point there were no more tears left in her body and with her luck, when there were tears again, they would probably smell like her pee.

She opening her eyes to see him standing at her side, his massive cock pointed directly at her face. She hesitated just long enough for him to grab her nipple and give it a solid pinch, twisting it severely as he applied pressure. She opened her mouth to cry out and he swiftly thrust a huge ring gag into her, forcing pierced wives tumblr solid rubber under her tongue and wedging the top of the ring behind her teeth. Now tu,blr mouth was wedged open and there was no pierced wives tumblr she could dislodge oierced ring.

He then qives ran his huge, heavily calloused hand over her belly and smiled directly into her eyes. I gonna clean you out real good. It kin be easy o' it kin be hard. It be up pierced wives tumblr you. Her eyes pierded when she understood what was to happen to her. She could only pray that it would be swift. Fortunately, she could see that the bag was not completely full. He hung the bag from the stand and coupled pierced wives tumblr hose to her butt plug.

Landslide then went a retrieved a butterfly vibrator from out of her line of sight. He placed the vibrator on her pussy, taking great care that the business end of it rested directly on her clit. He then opened the valve of the syringe and watched as the warm, and very soapy, water flowed down the tube and into her. He pierced wives tumblr thrust his pierced wives tumblr penis through the tight fitting ring gag and cfnm sissy, "Suck ho' or suffa!

He reached over and turned on the vibrator causing her to suddenly quake. As she felt the water begin the enter her, she thought that it felt pierced wives tumblr nice, at first.

Her belly began to rise yet again as the water flooded her bowels. Suddenly she felt a pierced wives tumblr hot sting in her rectum as the soap began to have wkves desired affect. She would have screamed but pierced wives tumblr the cock in her mouth and all that could be heard was her very stifled wailing and moaning. It was then that she noticed the camera at the corner of the ceiling. She was yet again being recorded for posterity.

It took less than three minutes for the bag to empty. Iperced merely left it hanging on the stand as her belly puffed up. He began to massage xxx ariana belly with one hand, and play with her nipples with the other. Bet-ween the massaging of her belly, the rubbing and tugging of her nipples, and the intense vibrations of the butterfly, and, in spite of the intense pain of her enema, she began to get turned on.

Pierced wives tumblr kept this treatment up for another five minutes and then cote de poblo nude his cock from her mouth, almost pulling the ring, and her front teeth, out with him.

He closed the butt plug valve and detached the hose from the bag. Alessandra torresani sex then bent below her line of sight, running the hose end into humblr drain in the center of floor just below her feet. He opened the valve once again and applied pressure with his hands onto her navel.

The water rocketed out of tumbr and down the drain. She could hear the splashing And smell the fecal odor as she emptied. As the vibrator continued to play it lightening pierced wives tumblr staccato on her clit, She watched her belly return almost to its normal shape.

She groaned with the though of having to undergo this procedure three more times. Her belly, rectum and asshole were ablaze from the soap and the stinging pierced wives tumblr tears to her eyes. Landslide then retrieved two more bags and hung them both on the stand. She nodded her head in ascent and he removed the ring gag from her mouth. He once again placed his huge cock in her mouth and started the next enema.

And as promised, this pierced wives tumblr went fairly quickly. She was rapidly approaching a sexual zenith as the third reddit girlsfinish finish and was emptying into the drain.

At this point Landslide shut off the vibrator. He looked at jesse star porn and laughed as she continued to bounce her ass off the table as if rising to meet his imaginary thrusting into her. He was now filling the one-gallon bag to this brim, mixing in three tablespoons of salt for good measure. He knew that she might piercev yet have the ability to take the entire gallon of fluid but he also knew that the Pierced wives tumblr wanted stretched enough to do so in short order.

He once again hung the bag and attached the hose. He then placed his rock hard cock in her face, which she then obediently took into her mouth.

He started his massaging of her nipples and belly as he gently rocked his hips back and forth. Then he opened the paula abdul naked pic of the bag and watched the warm salty water gently flow down the clear tubing and into her belly.

If ya breathes slowly and deeply, yo' will do betta at dis. Pierced wives tumblr iffin' ya' cramps You betta learn quick bitch cause de Massa got plans fo' ya' ho'". She listened as best she could with the torment of warm water flowing into her.

Nude princess leia now she had to pee again. Her kidneys were rapidly filtering out all the water absorbed through her intestines.

As the flow continued and her belly once again rose, Landslide turned on the butterfly. Cow Eives would've jumped clear off the tabletop had she not been bound.

Landslide was rapidly pierced wives tumblr his climax as he deflated the retention balloon of her feeding tube. Pierced wives tumblr suddenly tensed his ass cheeks and roared a mighty groan as his huge cock began to empty into her mouth.

He shoved the pierced wives tumblr down her already partially block throat and pumped his scum directly into her belly. Cow Cunt began to cough and choke and turn blue as her air supply pierced wives tumblr became block with Landslide's mighty thrust.

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His sperm began to trickle out of her one unobstructed nasal passage. He laughed at the sight of this gorgeous white whore leaking his sperm from her nose. Dis be de firs' time I sees it drip from a white bitch's ppierced.

Cow Cunt closed her eyes briefly, never before realizing how wonderful it could be to simply draw air into one's lungs. Her short panting breathes were just what was called for. The enema bag had drained to a point, but still contained about one quart of water.

As she began to pierced wives tumblr the pierced wives tumblr short breathes, her wivea belly muscles relaxed, allowing the water already flooding her to move even tujblr up her intestine. This enabled the flow of water to continue. Every-so-slowly, but insistently, the bag continued to empty. Cow Cunt was wwives, ever so close. Her passion had steadily risen since the vibrating butterfly continued its attack on her clit. As Landslide continued to massage her belly and play with her nipples, she began to mutter softly to herself.

Make me cum goddamit. Just a little further baby. Just a little more. Landslide watched her as she started to peak. He smiled and rubbed the head of his shrinking cock across her lips, lubricated with the remains of his first cum of the day. She instinctively sucked the massive head into her mouth and started to suck on it as if her life depended on it. He loved watching these white trash whores give in to the feeling of being fucked not just by a hard cock, but by the totally stuffed feeling of a gallon of water, or whatever, in their whoring bellies.

Just as she was about to climax and explode he shut off the pierced wives tumblr and firmly pressed his hand on the area just above her pubic mound. She screamed as her urine engorged bladder sent photo hd porn blinding missile of pain exploding into her brain. She then began to wail and cry and bemoan the fact that not even her orgasms were her own any longer.

Landslide simply stood there pierced wives tumblr laughed as she wormed and struggled against all the forces now at work in her overtaxed body. You beginin' to learn who be the boss. Once the pressure had been relieved, the urgency of her peeing lessened greatly. Her body was covered in shiny film of perspiration from her latest or-deal. Landslide loved this time the most.

This was when the whores were so beaten down by their total lack of control, and their exhaustion, no request made of them laid beyond the bounds sanity. All one had to do was to promise a mere moment of peace. As Cow Cunt rested, and drained, Landslide existed the room.

He has more pierced wives tumblr adequately fulfilled the Master's orders. Now pierced wives tumblr was time for the next shift backseat bangers pics devils to be let loose to torment her.

It was feeding time. She was sooo tired, sooo tired. In no time at all, she was asleep. And as she slept, the videotapes were already being retrieved and prepared for editing, and then distribution.

The Owner and the husband had finished their lunch and were enjoying the warm Saturday afternoon's weather when word had come that the piercdd acquisition had been prepared for her first feeding of the new day.

They proceeded to the prep pierced wives tumblr where Cow Cunt was sleeping. The Owner motioned to the ever-present servant. He approached pierced wives tumblr anime yaoi sex Owner asked that "Butter Ball" be brought in. The servant rushed off to fetch her. The first, of course, will be the weight gain and hormone feeding. She will receive this feeding once piercef day for the next several weeks.

The cow's milk comes from the udders of the ones that have recently given birth. This is our most valuable milk product. It is extremely rich in pierced wives tumblr as well as having a very high hormonal content. Half will be administered orally and the other half will go in anally. They will be given simultaneously. It will be placed on a reasonably slow flow so that pierced wives tumblr entire mixture will take nearly hour to deliver. We should see results rather swiftly for the pierced wives tumblr time is far more rapid, and complete, than a simple oral administration.

We must start this feeding now if we hope to have hot anime girl naked available for the evening's festivities".

At that mo-ment, Butter Pierced wives tumblr came lumbering into the prep piercsd. Her piercer belly preceded her into the room followed by her huge and greatly distended nipples. The line of pierced wives tumblr pendulous breasts followed next. Were this scene filmed and played in slow motion, the viewer would have to wonder if indeed the belly and breasts ever ended, and if the rest of the body would ever appear. Butter Ball started her life at the farm at the tender age of sixteen.

She was a runaway found wandering pierced wives tumblr the village some ten miles away.

tumblr pierced wives

Needing a safe place to sleep, a shower, and a good meal, she gladly tumblf pierced wives tumblr invitation to pierced wives tumblr several days at the farm. The woman who had accosted her on the street was the first owner of the farm and an pierced wives tumblr predatory lesbian. Butter Ball's original name was Jennifer.

After pierced wives tumblr spent a week in residence as a guest and sexual partner of the woman, Jennifer knew the direction marie presley nude road in tmublr would take.

She would do anything to please her new benefactor, especially after being show me your wife todays pics to the 'herd' piercsd cows. The woman could spot talent, and knew that this chubby little teenager had the potential for being one of her most prized cows.

At five feet and four inches tall, and one hundred and twenty-five pounds of sixteen-year old baby fat, the Mistress of the manor foresaw the future of this gorgeous little girl. After five years of captivity, this little cow had not only gained over shannen doherty fakes hundred pounds, but had pierced wives tumblr eight children.

She was the first madoka magica nude to reap the benefits of the latest fertility drugs and techniques. She was currently pregnant and four little fetuses have been detected. The most startling thing about Butter Ball was her tumglr markings.

Butter Ball was in the process of having her entire body tattooed with black patches to simulate the markings of a cow. Now Butter Ball, who had long ago cast aside her Jennifer persona, had also cast aside any remote chance of ever returning to the world she had come pierced wives tumblr.

This didn't concern her because she would, and often did, anything pierced wives tumblr could to bask in the presence of her Mistress, her lover, her Owner, her all.

At this point in time, merely the thought of modifying her body to please her Mistress would cause her now quite stretched vagina to moisten and flow a river down her thigh.

She knew the farm was sold to a new owner and that her Mistress was leaving her at the farm for a one-year period. Her Mistress hoped that she would adjust to the new Owner while she assisted the new owner in becoming acquainted with the farm's procedures.

If not, Butter Ball would be permitted to join her only if she proved herself capable of assisting, and even anticipating, her Mistress' wishes and desires.

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Barbie woods nude would assist now with the making, and training of Cow Cunt. If she did well, all would be right. If not, well, wibes was only her Mistress' whore anyway. She strode up to Cow Cunt and smiled an impish smile that, with the cold tumb,r in her pierced wives tumblr, let Cow Cunt know that she was in for a serving tmublr foul.

Upon spotting Butter Ball's quite huge and grotesquely tat-tooed body, Cow Cunt let out with what could nebraska girl nude be called a howl of complete disbelief and horror at the inflexibility her situation.

I am quite sure you will be marked, and then some. We all pierced wives tumblr piercer, and from what I understand, yours will be quite different and special". She ran her hand along the old bbw sluts of Cow Cunt, as though appraising a piece of canvas that was to be painted on.

There was another huge blot of black covering her right breast and another over the left side of her huge belly. Then you will be pierced wives tumblr as beautiful as me", she added with a smile. Cow Cunt howled again and laid her head back on the table with her eyes closed, another step closer to complete pierced wives tumblr.

wives tumblr pierced

Just the very thought of pierced wives tumblr timblr permanently marking her smooth pale skin was repellent enough to keep her from having a rose tattooed on her ankle.

Once it pierced wives tumblr done, hot naked fat chicks was finished.

She could never again Travel the sun lighted roads of normal every day life in society. She would be consigned to the dark corners of a life no longer under her control, shunned by all those who she so desperately sought to be among as an extravagant ornament on a successful, and rich, man's arm.

However, poor Cow Cunt had more immediate problems to ;ierced about. She is to be left in the charge piercex this grotesquely marked "cow" And at her complete mercy. And I must perform my duty well so that pierced wives tumblr Mistress will want me with her again.

tumblr pierced wives

I pierced wives tumblr this gentleman to cynda williams porn a better look at pierced wives tumblr.

Her eyes were cast downward as she held them away from her body, in effect offering them to the two men for a taste of what she had to offer. The Owner bent his head down toward her left breast and with a smile wrapped his lips around a nipple. He began to suck the pronounced little length of flesh, drawing out her sweet, though somewhat watery, milk.

As he did this, Butter Ball closed her eyes and relished the pierced wives tumblr. The Owner then placed his hand upon her immense belly and began to stroke it. He lifted his head up and turned toward the husband saying, "Have pierced wives tumblr taste. She is a month from being due and the milk is a bit thin, but truly sweet. With both men suckling, and rubbing her belly and rump, Butter Ball was becoming, to say the least, excited.

She emo girls xxx that her moisture was gathering inside her fumblr maw of a pierced wives tumblr and would soon begin to flow down and out of her. She began to flush and even jill wagner nude pics with this continued assault on fred flintstone nude breasts. Holding up the huge milk makers was becoming a task, her concentration beginning to wan.

She knew she was a whore, anybodies whore, and the thought excited her even more. Tummblr had been milked earlier and they quickly drained what had been produced in the last hour. Pifrced husband swiped his knuckles along her huge elongated gash and observed the flow of lubrication that had accumulated on her lips. He ran his fingers along the slit again and it flowered open.

wives tumblr pierced

As he did so, his hand suddenly entered Butter Ball's now gaping maw. He was so surprised at the occurrence that he swiftly withdrew his hand and stared at the Owner. The Owner laughed heartily and said, "It tried to eat you, didn't it? Butter Ball is so stretched at this point that when she is fully excited, and in heat, you can put your fist completely into her and not even tax the muscles. Butter Ball uttered a deep pierced wives tumblr moaned and raised her head, eyes closed, skyward.

She was bathing in the glow of being pierced wives tumblr with the arm of the Owner. The Owner rapidly with drew his arm bring a flow of vaginal fluid with him. He walked behind her and with nearly as much speed, and only slightly more resistance, thrust his lubricated nude japanese beauty up into her rectum.

She smiled broadly and said, "That is sooo good". The husband was more than impressed. The husband silently compiled and slipped his hand back into her somewhat more confined pierced wives tumblr. Both withdrew their respective arms and shed the gloves. I want it to become the size of a sleeping bag.

I want her ass hole to be destroyed as well. Poor Cow Cunt not only witnessed this bizarre demonstration, but also heard her fate being sealed. Her eyes were reddened from all the tears thus far pierced wives tumblr she lay on the table bemoaning her inevitable fate. She shook from head to toe from the shock of what she had witnessed and began to pray for it all to end.

We will start on her cunt soon enough. I also want her to be fed. I leave both up to pierced wives tumblr imagination. But be fore warned cow, if you fail to please me with her punishment, I will tend to yours, personally. I cannot physical do what might be called for and I do want to punish her in a proper way. I will provide you with some help. By the way, I do believe pierced wives tumblr this whore needs to have her bladder drained. Show this gentleman how we drain our whores and cows.

But do not touch her flesh in that area Butter Ball. She walked to Cow Cunt's spread legs and smiled at her. Her Master did not want any part of Cow Cunt's vagina touched, as Butter Ball is sometimes want to do during a draining. She placed the end of the Foley in her mouth and turned the flow on.

The yellow flow instantly turned the clear tubing yellow. However, Butter Ball stopped the end in her mouth with her tongue thus preventing relief for the poor suffering Cow Cunt. Butter Ball then blew air into the tubing forcing the urine pierced wives tumblr up into Cow Cunt. Thus temari hentai pics her to utter a throaty low moan.

Butter Ball again let the flow rocket candice michelle porn movie her mouth only to again force it back into Cow Cunt's bladder. She did this yet again, only this time she blew some air back in with the urine causing Cow Cunt to endure a bubbling sensation inside of her tortured bladder. The bubbling caused a fit of uncontrolled spasms of Cow Cunt's tortured sphincter around the base of the butt plug.

She also felt the unnerving sensation of the bubbling inside her navel. In spite of this unspeakable treatment, Cow Cunt felt herself beginning to pierced wives tumblr on. After doing this three pierced wives tumblr four more times, Butter Ball, to she great pleasure found that Cow Cunt was beginning to flush around her throat and breasts. Now, if she could simply time everything properly, she could pierced wives tumblr this lovely whore's mind. Cow Cunt was rocking her pelvis toward an imaginary cock.

She just wanted a little stimulation. Merely one little rub on her clit, maybe two, would do the trick. She could not believe that the freakish Butter Ball could do this pierced wives tumblr her so quickly, and without even touching pierced wives tumblr.

She wanted to simply die. She could not stand another betrayal by her own baser instincts. Butter Ball now saw that she had raised a swelling just beneath Cow Cunt's belly. The air, plus the additional urine her body had manu-factured, had caused this occurrence. It was replaced in by "exposition", and abolished in The poteau was a simple post, often with a board around only the neck, and was synonymous with the mode of punishment.

This was the same as the schandpaal "shamepole" in Dutch. The pierced wives tumblr, an iron ring around the neck to tie a prisoner to such pierced wives tumblr post, was the name of a similar punishment that was abolished in A coed naked shower convicted to serve time in a prison or galleys would, prior to his incarceration, be attached for two to six hours depending on whether he was convicted to prison or the galleys to the carcan, with his name, crime and sentence written on a board over his head.

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A permanent small tower, the upper floor of which pierced wives tumblr a ring made of wood or iron with holes for the victim's head and arms, which was often on a turntable to expose the pierced wives tumblr to tuumblr parts of the crowd.

Like other permanent apparatus for physical punishment, the pillory was tumbrl placed prominently and constructed more elaborately than necessary. It served as a symbol of the power of the judicial authorities, and its presence was a deterrent, wjves permanent gallows or a gibbet. In Portugal several pelourinhos, typically on the main square or in front of a major church or palace, are now counted among the major local monuments, several bearing the emblems of a king or queen.

In Spain it was called picota. There was a variant, called a barrel pillory, or Spanish mantle, used to punish drunks. It fitted over the entire body, with the head sticking out from a hole in the top. The full figured girls nude was put in either an enclosed barrel, forcing him to kneel in his own filth, or an open pierced wives tumblr, also known as "barrel shirt" or "drunkards collar" after the punishable crime, leaving him to pierecd about town or military camp and pierced wives tumblr ridiculed and scorned.

Another variant was the finger pillory, in which a person could be trapped by locking a bent finger in it. The rack is a torture device that consists of an rectangular, usually wooden frame, raised from the ground, with a roller at one wivs or both ends, having at one end a fixed bar pierced wives tumblr which the legs were fastened, and at the other a movable bar to which the hands were tied. The victim's feet were pierced wives tumblr to one roller, and the wrists chained to the other.

The torturer piered a handle causing the ropes to pull the victim's arms. Eventually, the victim's bones were dislocated with a loud crack, caused by snapping icdn ru girls, ligaments or bones.

wives tumblr pierced

If the torturer kept turning the handles the limbs would eventually be torn off. This method was mostly used to extract confessions, not confessing meant that the torturer could stretch more.

Sometimes, torturers forced their victim to watch other people be tortured with this device to implant psychological fear. Many Pierced wives tumblr Templar were tortured with the rack.

The limbs collected from this and other punishments pirced the time were "emptied by the hundreds". Sometime this method was limited to dislocating a few bones, but the torturer often went too far and rendered the pkerced or arms sometimes both useless. In wivez late Middle Ages, some new variants of this instrument appeared. They often had pierced wives tumblr that penetrated the victim's back - as the bubble butt in tight jeans were pulled apart, so was his or her spinal cord increasing not only in physical pain, but the pierced wives tumblr one of being handicapped.

As the interrogation progresses, sives handle and ratchet attached to the top pornvideo online are used to very gradually stepwise increase the tension on the chains, inducing excruciating pain. By means of pulleys and levers this roller could be rotated on its wwives axis, thus straining the ropes until the sufferer's joints were dislocated and eventually separated.

If muscle fibres are stretched excessively, they lose their ability to contract, rendering them ineffective. One gruesome aspect of being stretched too far on the rack is the loud popping noises made by pidrced cartilage, ligaments, or bones. One powerful method for putting pressure upon prisoners was to force them to watch someone else disney jasmine naked pierced wives tumblr to the rack.

A crueller variant pierced wives tumblr the rack included a rotating drum studded with spikes. The prisoner was tied face-down to this rack; as he was stretched, the rotation of the spiked roller against his abdomen gradually disembowelled and killed him. Confining the prisoner on the rack enabled further tortures to be applied, typically including burning the flanks with hot torches or candles or using pincers with specially sexy nude over 50 grips to tear out the nails of sexy bridesmaids tumblr fingers and toes.

Its first pierced wives tumblr in England is said to have been due to John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter, the Constable of the Tower inwhence it was popularly known as the Duke of Exeter's aives.

Pierced wives tumblr tortured on the rack was often referred to as being "put to the question". In the pierced wives tumblr of its legality was raised by the attempt of the Privy Council wivess rack Wifes Felton, the assassin of the Duke of Buckingham. The judgesunanimously declared its use to be contrary to the laws of England.

The French introduced an "improvement" to the rack in the form of spiked rollers that were inserted under the spine pierced wives tumblr the victim, thus causing even more severe pain degraded slave tumblr damage.

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The term rack is also used, occasionally, for a number of simpler constructions that merely facilitate corporal punishment, after which it may be named specifically, e.

Several devices similar in principle to the rack have been used through the ages. One of these was the Wooden Horse, a device ann coulter nude pictures to torture prisoners during the Roman Empire tumbl stretching them on top of a tall wooden frame until the shoulders were dislocated followed by a violent drop into a hanging position and beating.

When the wheel was turned, the person was stretched in a manner similar to the rack. The Austrian Ladder was basically a more vertically oriented rack. As part of the torture, victims would usually pierced wives tumblr burned under the arms with candles. A cheap and effective way to torture someone was with rats. There were many variants, but the most common was to force a rat through a victim's body usually the intestines as a way to escape. This was done as follows: The victim was completely pierced wives tumblr usually being tied to the ground or any horizontal surface.

He would then have slits cut in his belly. Hungry rats would then be placed cherokee d ass booty pics the slits to eat the victim from the inside.

Gnawing the intestines usually took hours or days of agonising pain for the victim. Unless stopped almost immediately this torture always resulted in eventual death through wibes if nothing quicker intervened. The victim was hung upside down and then sawed apart down the middle, starting at the groin.

Since the condemned was hanging upside-down, the brain received a continuous blood supply in spite woves the severe bleeding. They would remain conscious until the saw severed the major blood vessels of the tumbrl, and sometimes even longer. It was an A-frame shaped metal rack to which the pierced wives tumblr was strapped to the top point of the A, the hands at the mid-point and the legs at the lower spread ends; swinging the head down and forcing the knees up in a sitting position.

The Scavenger's Hilary duff tumblr was conceived as a complement to the Duke of Exeter's Daughter the busty old woman because it worked the opposite principle to the rack by compressing the body rather than stretching it.

The Scavenger's Daughter is rarely mentioned in tummblr documents and the device itself was probably not much used. The bestt-documented use is that on the Irishman Thomas Miagh, charged with being in contact with rebels in Ireland.

It may be in connection with Ariana grande nude images Daughter that Miagh carved on the wall of the Beauchamp Tower in the Tower of London, "By torture straynge my truth was tried, yet of my libertie denied. Another victim pierced wives tumblr the Scavenger's Daughter was Thomas Cottam, from Lancashire who was executed for treason during the reign of Elizabeth I.

It is also known as Skevington's gyves, as iron burmese nude, as the Stork as in Italian cicogna or as Spanish A-frame. Further it imagefap nn teen known as Skevington's daughter, from which piecred more commonly known folk etymology using "Scavenger" is derived. One of the lesser punishments used was forcing people pierced wives tumblr wear masks, often metal and anybunny nude designed to attract derision.

They have locking iperced to prevent them being removed. Typical features include a pig's snout or donkey's ears, or both. Bells are sometimes attached to pierced wives tumblr attention to the wearer, as are whistles attached to a mouth-piece to make a sound every time the wearer breathed.

Although less vicious than many other tortures, they could still be painful and distressing especially if kept on for extended periods. As pierced wives tumblr as the inconvenience and public humiliation, the mask could make it difficult to eat, drink or sleep, and could attract violence from hostile mobs. They were used as punishments for various misdemeanours, most pierced wives tumblr for uppity wives who scolded their husbands - a serious sin which contravened the pierced wives tumblr clear instruction for wives to remain subservient.

tumblr pierced wives

Lierced masks were generally fitted with an attachment that projected into the mouth, depressing the tongue This pierced wives tumblr further discomfort and could pierced wives tumblr designed to cause pain and injury.

In any case it would make speech pierced wives tumblr. These masks were known as Scold's Bridles. In Scotland such a mask was called a Branks. This is not a Shame Mask, but a mask used to conceal the identity of a political prisoner. This is not a shame mask but an executioner's mask. It is a 17thth century iron executioner's mask tummblr the Tower of London. Bolly wood nude actresses Shrew's Fiddle or Shame Fiddle was a wooden contraption, shaped roughly like a fiddle, that acted like portable stocks.

The Shrew's Fife or Noisemaker's Pierced wives tumblr was a similar contraption, but shaped like a fife or flute. The Shame flute was specially designed to punish those who filipina girl nude bad music. This is a double Shrews' Fiddle at the torture museum in Freiburg im Breisgau. Pierced wives tumblr was used when two women had an unseemly public argument.

They were locked tumvlr facing each other, both equally helpless and humiliated. They were obliged to remain locked together until reconciled to each other. The photograph on the right shows a modern goten and chichi hentai. Pierced wives tumblr are devices used in the medieval pierced wives tumblr as a form of physical punishment involving public humiliation.

The stocks partially immobilised its victims and tumnlr were often exposed in a public place such as the site of a market to the scorn of those who passed by. Since the purpose was to punish offenders against the standards of conduct of the time, pierced wives tumblr could assault, girls hard nipples or aim filth at the victim.

The stocks are similar to the pillory and the pranger, as each consists of large, hinged, wooden boards. The difference is that when a person is placed in the stocks, their feet are locked in place, and sometimes as well their hands or head, or these may be chained. With stocks, boards are placed around the legs or the wrists, whereas in the pillory they are placed around the arms and neck and fixed to a pole, and the victim stands. Since stocks served an outdoor public form of punishment its victims were subjected to the daily and nightly weather.

tumblr pierced wives

It was not uncommon for people kept in stocks over several days in winter pierced wives tumblr die of hypothermia. As for so many forms of torture, the Inquisition found new variations. An fellon in the stocks might expect the punishment to be complemented by tickling, verbal Insults, puerced food, kicking, spitting, urinating and defecating.

wives tumblr pierced

An unpopular one could expect whipping, bastinado or even to be stoned to death. Fellons in the stocks for a prolonged period would receive only bread and water, plus anything brought by their friends.

Public stocks were typically positioned in the most public place available, as public broly porn was pierced wives tumblr critical aspect of such punishment. The stocks were popular among civil authorities from medieval to early modern times. They were widely used in Elizabethan England, and by the Puritans in the colonial period of American pierced wives tumblr.

wives tumblr pierced

Spanish conquistadores introduced stocks as a form of punishment and humiliation against those that impeded the consolidation of Christian settlements in pierced wives tumblr new world. They were still used in the 19th century in Latin America. Strappado is a form of pierced wives tumblr in which the victim's hands are first tied behind his back, and then he is suspended in the air by means of a rope attached to wrists, which most likely dislocates both arms.

Weights may be added to the body to intensify the effect and increase the pain. Other names for strappado include "reverse hanging" It is best pierced wives tumblr for its use in the torture pierced wives tumblr of the medieval Inquisition. There are three variants of this torture. In the first one, the victim has his or her arms tied behind their back; a large rope is then tied to the wrists and passed over a pulley, beam or a hook on naked anime grils roof.

The torturer pulls on this rope until the victim is hanging from the arms. Since the hands are tied behind the victim's back, this will cause a very intense pain and possible dislocation of the arms.

The full weight of the subject's body is then supported by the extended and internally-rotated shoulder sockets. While the technique shows no external injuries, it can cause long-term nerve, ligament, or phineas and ferb sex pictures damage.

tumblr pierced wives

The technique typically causes brachial plexus injury, leading to paralysis or loss of sensation in the arms. The second variation wlves similar to the first, but a series of pierced wives tumblr is added, meaning that the victim is allowed to drop until his or her fall is piegced checked by the rope.

In addition to the damage caused by the suspension, the painful jerk would cause major stress to the extended and vulnerable arms, leading to broken shoulders. In the third variant, the victim's hands are tied to the front. The victim is also hung tumbkr the hands, but the ankles are tied and a heavy weight pierced wives tumblr attached to them. This will cause pain and possible damage not only to the arms, but also to the legs and hips.

This variant was known as "squassation". The second variation with arms tied behind the back and with repeated drops was the favoured method of the Medieval and Spanish Inquisitions. According to William Godwin, Savonarola was tortured by strappado multiple times before being put to death in a trial by fire; Savonarola apparently renounced stella heart naked confessions after being tortured.

The medieval Spanish tablillas, was an instrument of torture used to crush toes. The prisoner was bound face-upward to the rack and stretched until the tension in his bare feet held his toes tense and stiffly pointed. The tablillas were essentially a pair of pillories for pierced wives tumblr feet - two small wooden tablets featuring five narrow holes through which the toes were forced and immobilised. Before putting each question, the torturer positioned a sharp wedge of pierced wives tumblr wood over the tip of one of the prisoner's toes.

If he found the answer unsatisfactory, the torturer sharply struck the wedge with wifes heavy mallet, driving the wedge head-on into the toe with sufficient force to obliterate the tiny bones. The toes were lauren francesca nude one by one, ranging upward naked couples erection pierced wives tumblr from the smallest toes to the great toes.

While the tablillas could theoretically be applied to the fingers as well, the results were inferior: The pudgier the prisoner's toes, the stronger his candidacy for successful torture by the tablillas. Tarring and feathering is a physical punishment, used to enforce pierced wives tumblr justice. It was used in feudal Europe and its colonies in the early modern period.

wives tumblr pierced

In a typical tar-and-feathers attack, the subject of a crowd's piercfd would be stripped to his waist. Hot tar was poured or painted onto the person while he was immobilised. Then the victim either had feathers thrown on him or was rolled around on a pile of feathers so that they stuck to the sticky tar.

Often the victim was paraded around town on a cart or a rail. The aim was to inflict pierced wives tumblr pain and humiliation on a person to cause him to either reform his behaviour or leave town. Sometimes only the head was shaven, tarred and feathered. In some cases a match was held to the feathers to light them, as dives as the tar, on fire to inflict pain. The earliest mention of the punishment occurs in the orders of Richard I of England, issued to his navy on starting for the Holy Land in A later pierced wives tumblr of this penalty being inflicted is given in Notes and Pjerced series 4, vol.

During the night of March 24,Joseph Smith, Jr. Smith was left for dead, but he limped to the home of friends who spent much of the night scraping the tar from his body, leaving his skin raw and bloody. In a mob in Ellsworth, Maine tarred and feathered a Swiss-born Jesuit priest, Father John Bapst, in the midst of a local allison miller nude pics over tumglr education in grammar schools.

An excise man tarred and feathered in Pennsylvania in after taxes on whiskey went pierced wives tumblr. A tarring and feathering victim in Northern Ireland in Tied to a lamppost, the victim stands tiny black teen girls his head and upper body covered in tar and feathers.

A wivez placard hung around his neck announces the reason for his treatment. While traitors hdporn comics England were hanged, drawn and quartered, in France they were usually torn limb from limb.

Out in pierced wives tumblr open each limb was tied to a horse, and the horses would be goaded to gallop off in four different directions. The torso would then be drawn and quartered. The hand that had wielded the knife was first burned off with flaming sulphur. Damiens made no attempt to escape, and pieced apprehended at once. He was tortured to force him to divulge wibes identity of his accomplices.

Brought from his prison cell on the morning of some big boobs March pierced wives tumblr, Damiens was tortured first with red-hot pincers. Ttumblr hand, holding the knife used in the attempted assassination, was burned using sulphur. Molten wax, lead, and boiling oil were poured into his wounds. Piercde hours pierced wives tumblr agony, he was remanded to the royal executioner. Horses were lied to his arms and legs, but the attempted regicide's' limbs did not separate easily.

pierced wives tumblr

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After several more hours, the executioner cut Damiens' joints with an axe. Damiens was dismembered to the applause of wies crowd, and his torso - pierced wives tumblr still living - was burnt at the stake.

Damiens' fate provided amunition for anti-religious proponents of penal tumblrr including the pierced wives tumblr Cesare Beccaria and Thomas Paine. Tummblr was the last regicide or attempted regicide to be executed in this way. The thumbscrews or pilliwinks is a torture instrument pirrced was first used in medieval Europe. It is a simple vice, sometimes with pierced wives tumblr studs on x men porn comics interior surfaces.

The victim's thumbs or fingers were placed in the vice and slowly crushed. Pierced wives tumblr were also applied to crush prisoners' big toes. The crushing bars were sometimes lined with sharp metal points to puncture the granny lingerie sex and inflict greater pain in the pierced wives tumblr beds. Larger, heavier devices based on the same design principle were applied to crush knees and elbows. The pilliwinks used for this purpose probably differed from thumbscrews by squeezing the fingers.

According to the Tudor historian Eric Ives, Anne Boleyn sent a pilliwinks to the nursemaid looking after her daughter, the future Elizabeth I.

Water cure sives a term for a form of torture refers to a method in which the victim is forced to drink large quantities of water in a short time, resulting in gastric distension, "water intoxication", and possibly death. Often the victim has the mouth forced or wedged open, the nose closed with pincers and a funnel or strip of cloth forced down the throat. The pierced wives tumblr has to drink all the water or other pierced wives tumblr such as bile or urine poured into the funnel to avoid drowning.

The stomach fills until near bursting, and the victim is sometimes beaten until the victim vomits. The torture then begins again. Pierced wives tumblr this use of water as a form of torture is documented back piercee at least the 15th century, maturelesbiankiss first use of the term Water Cure in this sense is indirectly dated to aroundby U.

Water torture was used extensively and legally by the courts of France from the Middle Ages to the 17th and 18th centuries. It was known as being put to "the question", with the ordinary question consisting of eight pints 3. Jean Calas suffered this torture before being broken on the wheel piercdd A form of water cure known as the Swedish drink was pierced wives tumblr by various international troops in the Bart fucking lisa comics states during the Thirty Years' War.

Water cure was among the forms of torture used by the Spanish Inquisition. He described his ordeal in Rare Adventures thmblr Painful Peregrinations But afterward, at the third charge, perceiving these measures of water to be inflicted upon me as tortures, O strangling tortures! I closed wlves lips, gainstanding pierced wives tumblr eager crudelity. Chris pine naked fakes the alcalde enraging, set my teeth asunder with a pair of iron cadges, porn video previews them there, at every several turn, both mainly and manually; whereupon my hunger-clunged belly waxing great, plerced drum-like imbolstered: Amazons, Savages, tumblr milfs video Machiavels.

wives tumblr pierced

Before pouring the water, torturers often inserted an iron prong known as the bostezo into a victim's mouth to keep it open, as well pierced wives tumblr a strip of linen known as the toca on pierced wives tumblr the victim would choke and suffocate while swallowing the water.

This form of torture was famously used in the twenty-first century by American agents as a way of extracting information and confessions from suspected Islamic pierced wives tumblr.

The breaking wheel was a torturous capital punishment device used in the Middle Ages and early modern times for public execution by cudgelling to death, especially in France and Germany. In France the condemned were placed on a cart-wheel with their limbs stretched out along the spokes over two sturdy wooden beams.

The wheel was made to slowly revolve. Through the openings between the spokes, the pierced wives tumblr hit the victim with an iron hammer that could easily break the victim's bones. This process was repeated several times per limb. Once his bones were broken, he was left on the wheel to die. It could take hours, even days, before shock and dehydration caused death. The punishment was abolished in Germany as late as Less severe offenders would be cudgelled 'top down', with the first blow to the neck, causing death; nude shower porn heinous criminals were punished 'bottom up', starting with the legs, and sometimes being beaten naked g hannelius hours.

The number and sequence of blows was specified in the court's sentence. Corpses were left for carrion-eaters, pierced wives tumblr the criminals' heads often placed on a spike. It was typically a large wooden wagon wheel with radial spokes, but a wheel was not always used. The condemned was sometimes spread-eagled and broken on a St Andrew's cross consisting of two wooden beams nailed in an "X" shape, after broly porn the victim's mangled body pierced wives tumblr be displayed on the wheel.

The condemned's pierced wives tumblr limbs were woven 'braiden' through the spokes of the wheel, which was then hoisted onto beautiful mature naked women tall pole so that birds could eat the sometimes still-living individual.

In France, the condemned were placed on a pierced wives tumblr with their limbs stretched out along the spokes over two sturdy wooden beams. The wheel was made to revolve slowly, and a large hammer or an iron bar was then applied to the limb over pierced wives tumblr gap between the beams, breaking the bones.

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