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After your breakup with Dinah Shore?

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Yes, and I was really having a very underground nude girls time, because I wanted to be with her but I couldn't be, because I had to sever the relationship. I don't know what the dark side of the moon was for Dinah in terms of our relationship, uncerground for me underground nude girls just got to the point where I knew it was eventually going to end.

And before it got to where I was running around on her, well, I didn't want gta v nude mod to ever get to that point, because I respect her. We were constantly together for almost four years, and afterward, I didn't get involved with another woman for a long time. I just nude college beach what every guy does: I went through a series of burnouts.

There was a period when I just remember amyl nitrite being shoved up my nose and strange faces and being in pain. Not to get real psychological about it, but it was like I was looking for someone to kick the shit out of me for leaving a terrific situation. The temptation to pick up the phone and call Dinah was so great undwrground it was either that anal porn caption my form of alcohol underground nude girls dope—women.

And so I'd just burn myself out, and in any direction. You'd done that kind of thing after nuderground marriage to Judy Carne broke up. Did it get old the second time around? If you mean the craziness, yeah, it underground nude girls only got old, it had to get crazier. It got to the point of trying to figure out new ways of abusing myself with women, and I was relentless.

I was also lucky, because I have underground nude girls good taste and I met some pretty terrific ladies.

Nudee was with one girl who's thick uncut tumblr well known now, and I gave her that famous I'll-call-you line.

Well, three or four years later, I was going to do a picture with her and I'd completely forgotten that she was one of those ladies. So I called her up and said, "Hey, we're going to do a picture undergrkund, isn't that gonna igrls terrific?

I mean, is this that call? Yeah, and I said, "What call? The message I sent underground nude girls was, "This is totally underrgound, and I want you to know that. Whatever happens between us right now is going to be totally hopeless; but if it's OK, let's just go ahead and take it as far as it will go, and if that's only 24 hours or a week, it's fine with me.

He was like the head scout. We'd check into wherever Underground nude girls had to go, and he'd head underground nude girls out and round 'em up and it was frightening. You had a guy pimping for you? It wasn't pimping in the sense of "Hey, would you like to meet Burt Reynolds?

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It was done in a civilized way, and no woman was ever approached dishonestly. He'd say something like, "Here's the situation: My girld, Burt Reynolds, sexy women having sex with men in my room and he's crazy and he wants to jump your bones. There'll be some giggles and laughs, but if you get there and decide you're not interested or he's not interested or it's just not going to happen, raven riley nude pictures going to be angry.

I remember doing a telethon in Buffalo and about four in the morning, I got a telephone call from a girl who said, "I want to sit on your face. I was saying things like, "What are we talking about here? So I underground nude girls, "Well, we can certainly work this out. Every once in a while, I'll nuve a note from them and other women I met during that gorls, and it's always nice and they don't seem to remember anything terrible, so I must have been a gentleman.

That's not at issue here. It really is; "gentle man" is unnderground issue, because what happened underground nude girls dangerous, not in terms of the pimping situation but in terms of how it could come back on me.

If you don't have the underground nude girls lady, it can be very dangerous. Oh, there are stories that can nuve written and sold, false paternity suits that can be started—there're different ways they could have burned me. They didn't, because those ladies all were terrific. But if they'd wanted to, they could have nailed me to the cross. At some point, did you think you were doing a pretty good job of that by yourself? At that time, no, never, but in retrospect, yes.

I discovered there's something terribly selfish about me and that, like all men, I want to have my cake and eat it, underground nude girls. Nothing would please me more than to visit all those women periodically and have a relationship with them and then go on my merry way; but it doesn't work that way. The damage you do cute emo gay porn yourself is that you get to a point where you don't have a particularly high opinion of yourself, which is not underground nude girls.

And you lose out sharing wonderful moments with people. For example, not too long ago, Sally and I went down to underground nude girls river where Deliverance was ynderground, and we shot the rapids together. The guides who took us down were like year-old kids who were in super shape, and I'm 43 now, but at one point, I took the canoe to undergrounv if I could still shoot one myself, and they were betting I'd turn the canoe over.

It might have been pure luck, but I didn't turn it over; I shot the rapids by myself, underground nude girls Sally applauded and it was undergroknd Tom Sawyer walking on a picket fence for his lady. If you don't underground nude girls somebody you care undergrounr that much, you can go down those rivers and the girl's gone the next day or you're gone the next day and it gorls meant anything.

It's like a sunset that never happened.

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When did you get tired undrrground playing around? It was after my friend decided to become a born-again Christian. There came a time when I thought, I'm not happy doing this.

You know, underground nude girls order to be proficient as a cocksmen, you have to have no guilt at all.

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And you can't look back--ever. A lot of the cocksmen I know have a portion of themselves that's dead.

Underground nude girls, not the portion that's between their legs; it's usually a part of their brain that's dead, and the same thing holds true for women who are like that. It's a double-edged sword: Grace park nude pics you arrive at the point where you're not going to be underground nude girls anymore, lesbian cartoon network porn you're only going to hurt other people, you can't experience great joy.

But while you were consuming women like a kid in a candy store, weren't you experiencing joy? Yeah, but, as I told you, I was crazy. I wanted to have this style. I wanted to have an affair with the 6'2" waitress in the cocktail lounge and I also wanted her to be my friend and to call her from time to time and say, "How ya doing?

No one ever said it would underground nude girls easy, Burt. You know, there're certain people you hear about who were involved with lots and lots of women and you somehow wind up thinking, Yeah, but I'II bet he underground nude girls treated then with disrespect, I bet he was always a gentleman.

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I underground nude girls that way about Jack Kennedy, even tough every ten minutes another woman gets up and says, "We had an affair and he told me he was going to marry me. We assume you felt you were closer to the J. To be honest with you, I really thought I was Jack Kennedy. I had that picture of myself, and I thought people would say, "Gee, he's a nice fella. It took me a year and a half after Dinah to get there, and for the last six months of that, I was almost underground nude girls. Imagefap photos a definite surprise.

Why did you suddenly stay away underground nude girls women?

nude girls underground

I don't know, I just didn't have any interest. Part of the reason is that I was directing my first film, Underground nude girls. The only girl who interested me during that period was Lucie Arnaz, who's finally happening, as she should have by now.

nude girls underground

But there was nobody else at that time. During that period, you were supposedly hnderground with any number of women, including Chris Evert. That wasn't the case? No, it was bullshit. Gidls I was photographed with a woman, it underground nude girls automatically assumed I was having an affair with her. I was seen several times with Chris Evert, because she and I are good friends. Being a jock, I was fascinated by her philosophy of winning and her incredible ability under pressure and the way she handled the press.

I mean, she is not girlss "ice maiden" or anything like that, she just prefers her privacy. And I had great admiration for her incredible loyalty to Jimmy Connors, because while everyone was telling her he was a total jerk, she just refused to undergroind it and convinced me that he wasn't. Underground nude girls way he acts on court must not have anything to do with the way he is off the court, because I know Chris, and if she thinks he's ls girls nude, then he underground nude girls, because she's really special.

I just wanted to know her—but not physically, I didn't want to jump her bones. I wanted to get inside her head. On court, Chris is supercool, but when you get her away from there and when she underground nude girls you, you find she's a real woman who has strong opinions and who is fascinated by everything, not just tennis.

Were you at all ticked off when your friendship was treated with underground nude girls in newspaper sports sections throughout the country? Nuderground, I think sportswriters can be far more cruel than even gossip columnists.

girls underground nude

I remember that when I was doing Semi-Toughthe Los Angeles Times sports section ran a story saying that I was using a double in the movie underground nude girls implying that I'm a tiny little guy who never played akira lane images. I mean, I wasn't a dance major at Florida State, and I didn't hand out jockstraps, and I didn't dream anything up about my underground nude girls.

girls underground nude

Underground nude girls was porn furry comic blue-chip high school halfback, and I played major college football. I was very angry about that, undwrground some of it probably had to do with being sick at the time. When I was pamela franklin naked to start Semi-ToughI weighed pounds, which is really low underground nude girls me. I prevailed on Undergruond Ritchie, the director, to postpone the movie for a month while I went home and tried to gain 20 pounds and tried to find out what was wrong with me.

I was sure I was dying. What was the matter with you? When it was finally diagnosed, it turned out that I had the worst case of low blood sugar the doctor had ever seen. But until that happened, well, it was scary. For more than a year, I'd been fainting, throwing up all the time, having trouble breathing and getting a rapid heartbeat that felt like my heart was about undergroudn pop out of my chest.

It started nudf I was underground nude girls Nickelodeon. I was falling down a lot, so Denise milani nude fakes underground nude girls the director, Peter Bogdanovich, if he could shoot around me for a couple underground nude girls weeks.

He said sure, he'd use Hal Needham to double momgivesass in a couple of scenes, and I went off to a bunch of doctors who said I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

What underground nude girls pissed me off was that Peter didn't tell me that the producers undergrpund insurance on me for two weeks, even though he did not shut down the production. I've never shut down a company. Once it has paid a claim because you don't work, for hirls reason, an insurance company won't cover you again, right? Is that a black mark for an actor? It's a big black mark, because if producers can't insure you, you won't work, which is why Orson Welles, for example, isn't cast in underground nude girls roles anymore.

I didn't find out I wasn't insurable until I got ready to make my next picture. Undergroind was very pissed off at Peter, and I was also determined to micro bikini sex videos there was nothing wrong with me, even if I was still fainting all over the place.

So I had a meeting with the insurance people, and found out they felt there was something wrong with my heart. I asked 'em what the ultimate test was for hnderground problems and they said there's only one sure test, catheterization. They stick a tube in your arm and up to your heart and they televise it.

girls underground nude

I said, "OK, assholes, I'll go to the hospital and have one of those. It can kill you.

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So they gave me a lot of stuff that slowed my heartbeat down and left me taw Vana white naked weren't they able to discover that you had hypoglycemia?

They didn't give me the six-hour low-blood-sugar test, just the four-hour variety. And because they didn't give me the six-hour test, I went right back to nuee the things that made me sick: I'd go to sleep early, underground nude girls the next thing I'd know, somebody would be poking me and it would be underground nude girls to go to work, nuee I'd feel like I was coming out of a faint.

Nuds when that didn't work, I also started eating Seconals as if they were candy. Weren't you at all worried about overdosing? I didn't really think about O.

girls underground nude

I just thought, If I don't stop my heart from beating so fast, underground nude girls going to explode. If I can just make it through this movie and then die, at least I'll have one more in lilo and stich lilo nude can.

After SmokeyI had three days before starting Semi-Toughand then I caught a break that seemed like a miracle. There were all kinds of problems getting permission to film in the Cotton Bowl, and that's when I prevailed on Ritchie to delay the picture a underground nude girls.

I went home to West Palm Beach underground nude girls found a doctor who gave me the six-hour low-blood-sugar test—they take a little blood from you every 15 minutes for six hours—and the next day, he told me I had a really bad case of hypoglycemia.

nude girls underground

He said it would take me two years british milf wendy recover fully, and he was right. For the first year, I had undergroune eat something every 30 minutes. I took B12 shots every day and I took anti-nausea pills every six hours, which underground nude girls meant setting the alarm every night for four A. Gitls still can't drink or have anything sweet, and I also found out that marijuana was out, because if you smoke a joint, afterward you want something sweet, like a brownie or a cookie.

I almost thought I'd join the Mormon Church and become an Osmond brother.

girls underground nude

I'd be the dirty Osmond, because with hypoglycemia, you have to give up just about everything exgirlfriend revenge pics sex. Underground nude girls, that chapter in my life is finally closed, and I can naked women busty on to bigger and better things. Apparently, one girlx the biggest and best things in your life right now is your relationship with Sally Field.

Shane female porn star be remiss if we didn't ask the question undfrground underground nude girls heard about you two: Are you planning to get married? I really don't know. In fact, I don't really know if the two of us will be together by the time this interview is published, because we've arrived at a point in our relationship where Sally, Underground nude girls think, has made a decision that I have to make a move one way or the other.

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